HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


I don’t care


Pshhh, buy one for me if you have the money to spare. It will make me very happy. :wink:


If you think this game is Not worth your money, don’t buy it.
Vote with your wallet.

We’ve all supported ioi by buying HITMAN 2

Personally I think this package is too expensive for what it is.
I’ll stick to playing on my ps3 :slight_smile:


The graphics look only slightly more crisp than the PS3 versions, but it’s so slight, that I see no reason to buy this if you already own the PS3 versions. And frankly, I see no reason to buy this even if you DON’T own the PS3 versions because I believe you can get the Blood Money HD version on PS3 for like $10 from what I remember, and though I personally couldn’t care less about Absolution, I’m sure it’s well under $60 at this point.


What? PS3 didn’t have 4K & 60fps. Plus you’re watching a video that’s compressed so the quality has degraded a bit too.

So if you think PS3 and 4K (or even super sampling) isn’t much a difference, then i don’t know what to tell you.


Correct, the PS3 versions were not 4k, and did not have 60fps, but I don’t look at this new HD release and think “wow what an improvement”. Yes, the graphics appear to be more crisp than the PS3 versions, but it is so slight, that it begs the question, are you really going to spend $60 just for that, when you can get the same games on PS3, neither of which even needed this “HD” overhaul, in my opinion, far cheaper?


What kind of screen are you seeing “appear more crisp, but it is so slight” on? Is it 4k?


I had blood money back in the ps2 days and compared to the PS4 version it looked shite. I never had a ps3 so I haven’t played absolution either so I will probs get this after a price drop to give abso a go and play blood money without screaming that I couldn’t see the npc cos there were only 2 pixels on the screen lol.


This game puts the ASS into Remaster.

Yeah, I know I’m missing an S, but you get my point.

I think IOI were banking on the near fanatical levels of fanboy love the community has for Blood Money to get away with this hilarious price.


I’m going by the images posted above. I don’t have a 4k screen, but even then, I can still tell the graphics look more crisp. Either way, 4k or not, the graphical difference between this new HD release and the PS3 HD release is so small that I see no reason for the retail price to be $60. $30 would be more fitting, in my opinion.


Then you don’t know what it really looks like. Thx. I’ll move on from your trolling now.


Fair point. Just to be clear, stating an opinion is not considered “trolling”.


Midnight :scream:


‘’ Contracts Mode: Where is it? Why is it gone?
Ever since the change to remove contracts mode from Absolution was forced upon us due to GDPR rules and the fact that we do not have ownership of the Absolution Contracts Mode servers, we’ve been looking into ways to restore it. We will continue to investigate other possibilities, but we can’t promise anything specific at this point in time. ‘’

I hope they ll soon reactivate contracts mode in Absolution.Otherwise,I suggest they add some new featured contracts(maybe 5 per level) to expand replayability.


I’d like this but I’m not going to bite at full price I don’t think. I could get blood money for a few £ on pc and absolution isn’t worth more than 15-20.

For 60 I would expect them to be rebuilt from the ground up.


I hope the price is not an indication for a desperate need for funds.


I might actually grab it when it’s cheaper. Having the games at 60 FPS on Xbox is nice.


That’s pretty much the only reasoning I can see behind the justification for it being $60.


I don’t know guys, Resident Evil 2 remastered will cost 499,- NOK, that’s just 1 game, in Hitman Enhanced Collection we get 2 games for around 600,- NOK (I can’t find it on PS store yet, so I’m not sure what it will cost), so with this in mind I don’t think it’s that expensive.

It dosen’t look like the enhancement has done too much with Blood Money though:

It’s quite easy to see this is a old game.


But it’s still essentially a port of two old titles for $60 - you could pick these up on Steam or even get the HD Trilogy + Absolution for much less than that.