HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


It’s a small thing, but I do like how the Modern UI is now available for the other games.


We can’t compare console game prices with PC game prices, even new games is cheaper for PC than consoles, so what we can do is compare the prices with other console games.

And for playing the Hitman HD Trilogy we (Playstation owners that is) would need PS3, I don’t have the PS3 anymore, just PS4, so my only option is the Hitman HD Enhanced Collection for PS4.

Not for me.


Remake first 4 game and sell all of them for 60 bucks.

Or add them to H2 via DLC


I’m watching Blood Money ps4 on youtube right now, it’s almost indistinguishable from the 360 version. Think I’ll pass on this until a sale.


Irrelevant, when the HD Trilogy came out (can’t recall the price) and offered three “remastered” games, versus us now getting two “remastered” games for the same price (and again, that’s if the HD Trilogy was released at $60 - can’t recall, but my assumption is that it is).

Two ports of semi-older titles with virtually no tweaks and changes (and even less content, now that there are no Contracts or online modes for Absolution) for $60 is extreme. I’ve seen a $30 price tag floated by most as being reasonable.


If IO basically made no changes I don’t see why they didn’t just put H2 and contracts into the bundle, as they already had them in the HD Trilogy. That would at least try to justify the $60 price tag.


You know I would have sorta accepted the price a bit more if they had also ported the sniper challenge and had Contracts Mode and all DLC for Absolution. But there’s none of that in here it seems. Asking for 60 bucks is insane, seeing as one game is over 12 years old and the other is Hitman Absolution and the only changes made are laughable.

I’ll wait for a sale and maybe grab it if it’s near 40$, it’s a shame because I was really looking forward to this.


Couldn’t agree more. $60 for basically current-gen ports of the earlier titles? That’s totally reasonable and I’d buy it day one no question. Part of that is bias since I love SA and Contracts so much, but that’s still $15 a port, which is absolutely fine.


I rather pay 60 bucks for the trilogy instead of just BM and Crapsolution. Atleast those 3 are worth each 20 bucks.


To be fair games are always at their most expensive on the PlayStation or equivalent store. Is this digital only?


it is digital only


Damn, no chance of getting it cheaper until it’s on sale then I guess.


Resi is a remake though…might as well be a brand new game.
Hitman HD isn’t…its copy and pasted code.
Resi 2 ain’t.


For clarification (based on EU region prices on the PS Store):
Spyro remake
Crash remake
Modern Warfare Remastered
Splinter Cell HD Trilogy (PS3)
Hitman HD Trilogy (on PS3)
Metal Gear Solid HD Trilogy
All were €39.99 at full price. The typical remaster price tag at launch.

New AAA games are €69.99
If indeed Hitman HD Enhanced Collection is the full thwack 69.99 and not 39.99 I’ll hold off, especially considering HITMAN 2 is €34.99 on the PSN store right now.


Now that I see the official price 59.99€ seems indeed such a greedy price for 2 old games…I ll wait for easter sales probably…then again,even at 50% I ll consider if I buy it ,keeping in mind that I bought digital Absolution on Ps3 for 4.99€ only!!I really hope IOI is not in such a bad financial situation and maybe they are forced to overprice it due to old licences…


Just watched a stream of someone playing it (it case he was really playing the hd collection) and it looks very similar to the original… that’s why I think that 60euros are a bit much.


I’d pay 60 for an honest to goodness remake of Contracts (my favourite) or SA, but not this. Pass.


smart man l


I waiting to see how they justify a Definitive edition of this remaster, which is inevitable.

Then the Super Definitive edition.

Then the Super Definitive Gold edition.

… and so on.


I just bought it.

After reading the reviews here I was a bit mad about the so little changes. But then again, I would had spend that money anyway in useless stuff so I might as well buy this now.