HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


I don’t even need a remake, toss SA and Contracts in a package and I’d spend $60 on it. I cannot overstate just how much I loved those two installments.


Uk Price

Think I’ll pass :slight_smile:


Your purchases are what I like forward to seeing :joy::joy:


Well I had the option to buy myself a new razer mouse (I got one since 2012) with a new razer mouse pad.
But I said I need to hold up for the things that are more important!

My purchase for the next month will be the most expensive so far. And I will have another expensive item to buy the month after to come. After that I really need to be careful. I still want a new mouse to complete all the new setup.


Just installed blood money, it’s a nice improvement in 4K :slight_smile:


Any way. I supported IO with this at a full price. Will appreciate to see back my Blackballer from 2015 someday.


Hey If that’s what you dislike about Absolution it’s fine, but you cannot deny it was an undeniably necessary step in order to pivot to Hitman 1 and 2. It was them getting used to the Updated Glacier Engine.


Why so expensive?



It’s $80 in my Xbox Marketplace. truly ridiculous. But guess what? I bought it anyway.

Hoping that the difficulty achievements in Blood Money will now be stackable. Just started Death of a Showman this morning but had to leave for work.


I did a quick test in Absolution. The graphics looks wonderful. A lot better than the ps3 and not just slightly as people say.
For me it was 60€. Still have to test Blood Money.

I quickly saw that the mechanics are the same but have the last 2 Hitman games controls so you don’t get confused when switching one from another. But what I hate most are the guns disappearing just like that when you put them away.
Still no option to drop unwanted weapons. No walking on stairs animation. The menu feels really strange without the Contracts option.

Hitman Absolution is 27 gb while Blood Money is just 7 gb.

Strangest thing while booting Blood Money was to see a Hitman Contracts wallpaper. Looks nice and all, but why not this wallpaper?
For me it fits better.

@MrOchoa here’s a quick review.


IOI - we love the work you guys have put into the Hitman games, but this price tag is absolutely bonkers.

I’m completely ignorant to the reason behind the $80 CAD price tag. The porting may have been a huge pain in the butt, the backend may have been a nightmare - who knows. I would have gladly picked up the game again if it was half that.

Hitman HD Collection on PS3 is 40 - how can you guys justify 80? Can anyone from IOI hop in for a chat?


I think they would rather answer my question why the Blackballer isn’t anymore included than to answer why “we charge so much”


Make sure you post it on the forum bro whatever it is :sweat_smile::grin:

Can anyone comment on how upgraded the visuals are? I have heard its really clear

Also have they updated the controls to match H1 & 2?


The game is about the same as it was, blood moneys clearer and nicer, the most notable difference is the framerate, absolution looks good aswell, i was sceptical at first, but until you are playing it on 4K i dont think you notice


I don’t have a PS4 pro, presumably that will make a difference to the 4k aspect of the games?


I’m definitely picking this up because I always support IO and the Hitman Franchise, however, I’m just going to wait until the price goes down a little. I have no problem paying the full price but it’s just that I’m too focused on Hitman 2 right now and there’s no point paying the full price when I’m not playing it straight away.


The gold edition is now only £40.99 on PSN its insane on how quick the prices drop.


I just got Blood Money/Absolution.

I am amazed at how brazen the rip-off is. BM feels clunky as hell.

On to Absolution. Same broken instinct system that made Absolution rubbish? Check. Same disguise system? Check. Same save system? Check. Same ropey detection? Check.

50 GBP. Last time I buy anything from these guys that isn’t on sale.

I had forgotten how bad Absolution actually is. It is a crap game.



Looks pretty nice, though I don’t play PS4 much anymore so I’ll just stick with Blood Money on PC, huehuehue

(Also 47 in this picture looks like 47 in his Requiem Suit in Hitman 2 because his model doesn’t look like a LOD from afar as he did in the original Blood Money)


Are you asking if that’s possibly why it’s a full priced title? Absolutely - lower sales than they hoped for Hitman 2, coupled with them needing more funds for Hitman 2 DLC/Hitman 3 development. They just would’ve been better off selling this at $30/40, because it seems like few fans are picking this up at $60.

I won’t be surprised at this rate if they do a Hitman Enhanced HD Pack 2 with SA and Contracts. Sign me up for that one.