HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


Let’s throw in a re-release of Freedom Fighters (the game, not the Hitman mission) for good measure!


Oof, I would aaaabsolutely lose my mind if they did that. I’m not sure how many hours I sunk into replaying that game or playing the ‘Instant Action’ mode with friends. Such a blast.

Freedom Fighters, SA and Contracts ports, all in one PS4 package? I’ll take 30 copies, please.


Just sell the Trilogy (SA, C, BM) in enhanced HD on next gen and they make more money out if it than the 10 people buying the current bundle.


Can’t find this in Psn. Anyone else having trouble seeing this in North America? And even still not seeing the free black midnight suit and concussion duck pack.

@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI
Any issues that you guys know with NA psn not showing these? I was hoping to play the HD collection today.


I checked for someone else earlier, couldn’t find the HD Pack, and yes, I’ve checked for the Collector’s Pack several times and still not seen it, despite it being there for others. Not sure what the issue is.


I tried Blood Money today. I don’t like it on console. I’m more comfortable to play this game on PC.
Instead Absolution feels good. I like a lot the improved visuals. Having back the real Silverballers is an amazing feel and also hearing the orchestra music.


there must be something wrong with N/A PSN , still see nothing about the free midnight suit and the HD collection


Maybe that’s the reason why I could never get into it. Especially throwing a coin with holding down the L-stick and letting go to throw? What a terrible concept. And fixing that would have made “updated controls” much better by swapping that and the “bring up map” button.


Could somebody that has it post a side by side to compare the graphics?

2006 BM - NEW
2012 Abs - NEW

I’m gonna get it when I get paid next but really wanna see the difference. Please and thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hitman Enhanced HD Collection is up now, but still no Collector’s Pack.


Yeah, that’s literally half of what I paid for it.

I just realized why they don’t let you see the price of a thing on PSN Store once you’ve bought a copy: because they don’t want you easily comparing the high price that you paid with the budget price the game might be at 24 hours later. lol

As for the HItman HD Collection, £50 here in the UK is steeper than I was expecting. I would have bought it for £40 or less, with a few gameplay improvements, but with none (apparently?), and at that price, I’m reluctant.

I want to support IOI, which is why I paid £80 for Hitman 2, but I don’t want to send the message that I’ll buy just ANYTHING, Day 1, despite what my gut tells me.


That last bit is precisely how I’m feeling - they already got $100 from me for the Hitman 2 Gold Edition, and while I’m bound to get this eventually, I simply can’t justify it at such a price tag. I will say for the millionth time, though, that if it had been the first two console games, or even just the HD Trilogy port, I would’ve bought it no problem.


I do not see it either (New York)


IMO, a better price-point would have been £35 to £40, with graphical and minor gameplay upgrades.

That would have felt fairer for two older games right off the bat.

I can understand IOI wanting to make money, and I want them to make money, but many of us just paid a lot for Hitman 2 (and for any other current-gen games that appealed to us over Christmas).

As a relative Blood Money newb, I was excited to buy and download the HD Collection as soon as it dropped. My first reaction to the price shouldn’t have been a cringe and the comments I just left. lol


@RW_Slick and anyone else in NA, I just talked to PSN live chat and they said it took time to upload the game data since it was a midnight release. Not sure why euro got it and not NA at the same midnight point, but it’s now up on psn. I just got it.

$59.99 usd
$79.99 cad


Glad it’s up in the US.

Despite my above comments, I still might get it.

But I would have liked to feel good about getting it, and not as though I have to bite a bullet.

(But I suppose it’ll be on sale soon enough. Everything is these days. And I think games publishers are well-aware of that, which is why they tend to over-price things at launch.)



Watching this trailer with old Diana voice feel strange. I miss her :cry:


If there were a physical release, I would run get it because I could probably get it free with gift cards. This is gonna have to wait for a sale


I just bought it honestly cos I haven’t played blood money in 10 years and I never played absolution. Price is mad but I wanna support io given hitman 2 didn’t sell great.