HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


Seems like a cash grab. Fortunately Absolution and Blood Money are BC on Xbox. If they added the HD versions of Silent Assassin and Contracts alongside Absolution and Blood Money in this “Collection” then they could justify it being $60. These games are dated and it would make sense to sell it for $30 rather then $60. Making it $15 per game.


Honestly it would have been more justified if they just fixed:
Shit coin throwing in blood money, make it like h2 throwing
Alter the disguise system in abso to make it bearable
Actually better the graphics a bit

Then 50 pounds would be more justified


You can use giftcards to buy psn wallet cards :slight_smile:


I was going to say the same – but the opposite? lol

As someone who’s not quite as nostalgic for the older games as many here, I think the new Diana’s voice is perfect; she strikes just the right balance between feminine and friendly, yet firm and authoritative. and it’ll be a bit strange for me hearing other actresses portray her.

Although, in Absolution, you listen to the American lady, since Diana is … absent. Who is that American lady? Does anyone know? Is she an actual character in the game or is she just a sexy voice in 47’s mind, reminding him of things he should already know? lol


You have to contribute the idea that they don’t have the assets to go completely revamp the game. Hitman Blood Money was released back in 2006 on a dated engine. If they attempted to move all BM assets to the H2 Glacier engine then it would break the game. It would be easier for Absolution because Absolution was made on the previous version of Glacier. All they did was update button prompts, made it 60 FPS, and updated the texture resolution basically making the PC version of Absolution on Max settings available on PS4 and XB1.

Given that IOI doesn’t have the budget to do a whole BM remaster it would have been more sensible to release the HD Trilogy versions of SA, Contracts, and Blood Money with updated controls and improved texture resolution alongside the updated Absolutions justifying the Price Tag. The community can’t deny that IOI doesn’t have updated versions of those titles especially since they were re-released back in 2013. I might open a discussion to have constructive criticism about this release since it does rub OG players the wrong way.


Hitman Blood Money is best the game of all series. I was play it on ps2. After many years the console is gone. I purchased a copy of the game on the PC platform, Steam version. I was glad about the news about upgrading to 4k, but this is for consoles, not for pc, thanks.


Not where I buy them I cannot.
(I also do not pay dollar for dollar for PSN cards)


The less people that buy this right off the bat, the more likely it is that it’ll go on a deep sale sooner rather than later.


When they changed all the main voice actors in absolution sadly we were only able to bring David Bateson back. Hardly anyone talked about Vivienne McKee


I like both Diana voices but I think her mysterious character arc was better and I identify it with old voice. I agree on that one from Absolution was worst.


I totally understand that. As much as I like Diana’s current portrayal, she was probably cooler as a mysterious figure, whispering instructions in 47’s ear from afar.

I actually don’t dislike it. It just doesn’t belong to a character in the game (as far as I can remember), which makes it a bit odd. 47 is a lone fugitive in Absolution, so he shouldn’t be speaking to anyone, but of course someone had to teach us how the game works.

Maybe David Bateson should have provided the tutorial voice himself, speaking as if he were reminding himself of the basics, going over them in his head, for some reason, e.g.

“I should use my fiber wire – quick and clean. And hiding the body in that crate should ensure that my tracks are covered until my work here is done.”

Just a random thought.


The trailer looks pretty good!!

A quick question about AbsolutionHD for anyone who played it already.Is there a new manual save??Or at least,do the checkpoints work properly by keeping your exact progression when activated??

P.S. I have a secret theory that we might see old characters ,like Victoria or Birdie, again in the upcoming expansions or even H3 , so that’s why they rushed this Collection so fast and while H2 is active.Maybe they want more people to know the back story in order to combine with the upcoming events, apart from the obvious nostalgia these titles offer!!Would you like to see Victoria grown and that she inevitably has become a HitWoman :p?? Just kidding!!


Tbh pal I think this “remaster” was io clawing for budget rather than a marketing tool for expansions


I actually would like to see her as a grown-up in a future game.

She’d be a cool playable character for special side-content, too.

(Runs away and hides in the long grass!)


why cant they jusy put out the hitman trilogy for ps4? id def pay 60 for that.


Fun fact is the American Lady is Diana’s voice now.


Oh, you mean it’s the same voice actor?

Now you mention it, I noticed that she also does an American accent in The Division 2 trailers.

That explains why I still liked it.


Yup! Jane Perry.

She was also one of the players in Real Life Hitman.


Yeah, I saw that a while ago; it’s cool (although I’ve been meaning to watch it again, because now I’m familiar with the OutsideXbox crew, and I didn’t know them previously).


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1: pc ultra settings

2: ps4 pro

Looks sharper on PS4.