HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


My PC version has more details on the planks and the bridge.

Edit: It also has more details in general, than your “Ultra” screenshot. Maybe you didn’t convert the image right?
Edit2: I literally couldn’t believe my eyes, so I booted up my old Hitman BM copy for this :joy:
Edit3: Just checked my PC image with your PS4 image and it appears, that they only put a “blue filter” on it, thats about it.


Ps4 and Xbox One X (Backwards Compatible) Took a photo both on 4k


Has anyone discovered if Contracts Mode is active in Absolution? I would assume it is.


The FAQ for this release said there would be no online aspects of Absolution.



That’s what I get for making reasonable assumptions. Pain.


False. I just did a zoomed in version of the exact same spot to see the “details” and PS4 pro is less blurry. PS4 has better details and looks sharper. Colours are much better too.

Your PC pic zoomed in:

And my PS4 pro pic:

edit: console master race. :rofl::rofl:


If you are going to cherry pick, then I’m also going to:

Hitman BM (PS4):

Hitman BM (PC):


Hitman BM (PS4) - plank:

Hitman BM (PC):

Just, because your image is more detailed in certain areas (and my in other), doesn’t change the fact, that it is literally the same graphic with a blue filter…

Edit: they hate us, because they ain’t us #pcmasterrace
Edit2: PS4/XONE players, welcome to 2006 technology it’s just a joke, put your pitchfork away


Couldn’t agree with this more mate, I’ll buy it but at the minute the £50 price tag is slightly off putting. I’ve still got loads to do in Hitman 2 once I’ve done that I’ll buy it, if it’s still £50 I’ll just bite the bullet, I can understand there reasoning behind it, but it’s a little steep.


What res you in? Are you in 4k?
Ok, even though it may be more more in yours in one part and better in another in mine, the colours are still better on PS4. The colour of your sky is so flat/bland while the PS4 pops.


Resident evil 2 isn’t a remaster though, it’s a full remake with new assets.


Actually looking at it even closer, the part you’re trying to highlight isn’t a fair comparison because yours has those “details” while PS4 rooftop doesn’t have those shingles.

But that doesn’t negate the fact that if you again zoom in on the rooftop just to the left (the attached roof part, I mean), you can see that your PC pic is still more blurry than the PS4 one. So while it has those added details, the sharpness and quality of the same graphic is better on PS4 in every part of the game. It’s sharper and colours pop.

2006!!! Woot woot!!! :joy:


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I’m only giving you the facts, bud. I’m not trying to sell you a copy or justify the buy, I’m just stating the facts. Lol.


Yes, you sold me the fact, that they are literally the same (and that you tried it to hide it, by intentionally posting a fake “Ultra PC” image). It’s time to move on.


I have 0 reason to bs. Don’t make childish accusations. I really used an ultra pic. And I even used YOUR pic and it shows the same PS4 as the better, sharper and colourful pic. So please.

Now I’ll move on since its obvious you can’t handle the facts (proven 3 times, twice with his own provided pic).


True, looks like my argument didn’t hold water :flushed: :joy:, so with that in mind, 576,- NOK for 2 old games is a bit expensive, when new games cost around 600,- 650,- NOK.


Just putting this here, incase someone wants a comparison of Hitman Absolution:

Hitman Abs (PS4):

Hitman Abs (PC):

comparison (left: PS4; right: PC):


Took this from Twitter


That ps4 image has a low res


Hm, that’s not 4K, Xbox One X have 3K?


What has been done to enhance the tech specs?

4K visuals at 60 frames per second:

  • Depending on your console and on your TV different approaches are taken. If you have a 4K TV and a XBOX ONE X or PS4 PRO we upscale the picture to 4K and then draw a crisp 4K GUI on top.
  • If you have a 1080p TV we will render in higher than 1080p resolution internally and then downscale to 1080p to increase quality and reduce jaggies. On XBOX ONE though we’re rendering in 1080p/60 FPS.

Okay, I understand it a bit better now… I think.