HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


Thanks for noticing, I updated it.


I really hope we get Silent Assassin and Contracts one day.

I fucking love those two games. To be fair I love all the Hitman games, but those two are in my top three.

These are my favourite in order:
*Hitman 2 (2018)
*Hitman 2 Silent Assassin
*Hitman Contracts
*Hitman Blood Money
*Hitman Absolution
*Hitman (2016)
*Hitman Codename 47


Yup, better detail in the PC version there. BUT the lighting and popping colours make the PS4 version look a bit better. :grin:

Just accept it dude. You spent $2000 on a rig to play on ultra graphics while I spent $400 on a console and got basically the same graphics. :crazy_face::upside_down_face:

HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection *IOI Constructive Criticism and Feedback*

Yeah I think that’s what the percentage is referring obviously a 4K TV with PS4 pro or Xbox one X enhances it, however I only have a standard PS4 and no 4K tv :joy:




I’m surprised that anyone would put Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2018 so far apart. I think of them as essentially the same game. How could you like one so much more than the other? Just curious.


When you call someone a liar, you should provide evidence that they did, thus, read your own post. Don’t preach what you don’t practice.

So now I’m done with you. Peace :vulcan_salute:
Nanu-nanu! And we can now move on.





I have no issue with people saying that pc is more powerful than console cos it so obviously is but I get pissed off when people say pc master race (especially in the console peasant quotes series). I am not attacking you I just wanted an excuse to rant lol cos people who act all superior cos they have a gaming pc make me wanna die


Also those are literally the same picture pal


As I said, I got from a YouTube comparison video. Showed low, medium, high and ultra. Dude, seriously, I have 0 reason to bs. I even showed comparison to your pics and PS4 are better on BM. And I agreed with you on the Ab pics having more detail on the PC version.

Again, no reason to bs.


Youtube Video Resolutions is instantly downgraded when uploaded. Haven’t you heard gamers and people who do comparisons complain when they use 4K videos that get downgraded to 1080p when they upload their videos?



Read my posts carefully => “it’s just a joke…” Maybe I should add a dozen :joy: next time. This was a respond to this:

Uhmm…no. Check again.


Oh sorry, I didn’t read that. Better be careful with your sources next time.


Ya and that’s why I uploaded my video to YouTube and then used that as getting my pic so it’s on equal ground. I know how things work. Thx.


And with the screenshot was it with a screen capture device that supports 4K or a simple screenshot?
Because what I’m getting from this is you have 4K gameplay that resolution got downgraded from uploading to YouTube. Then do you take a screenshot of that gameplay with what? Your phone or an actual capture device that can retain quality.




I know it was a joke that was I said I wasn’t attacking you but ok :confused:


Hitman: Blood Money on the Sega Mega Drive is clearly the best.

Look at the shadow effects on 47’s head! Just look at the head. Nothing but the head.

Also, that’s a wonderful accident-kill opportunity, but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to act.

Seriously, though – everyone knows PC graphics are the best, generally speaking. And old PC graphics usually hold up a lot better than old console graphics. Lots of old console graphics look like pork scratchings by modern standards.

But it also makes sense for a 2019 PS4 Pro remaster to be better in some small ways than a 2006 PC game, even on high settings. Technology moves on, and the remaster has just received a lot of care and attention from developers who are trying to re-sell it at a high price to discerning modern audiences.

Based on the available evidence, I personally think that the PC version holds up very well, and does have superior fine detail on some of its surfaces, but that the PS4 Pro version looks marginally sharper and cleaner, with its deeper colour tones, and therefore looks better on the whole.

And, based on the two pictures provided by VonHinten, Absolution looks a bit more detailed on PC (which makes sense because Absolution came out in 2012, and technology hasn’t advanced as much since then).

Also, if we look at these graphics through the lens of a casual gamer, they’re all about the same. lol


That’s my favorite scene from that Hitman movie, TOTALLY not because of Olga Kurylenko, I swear. I promise. OK, maybe it’s cause of her. Maybe. Possibly. Probably. OK it’s because of her.


I’m bored, so i did a quick color edit of @VonHinten 's screenshoot (just color balance&hues, no sharpening or anything else), so it’s easier to compare details with the @immadummee47 's one.

Plank textures etc. are definitely more sharper on PC and the “blurry” impression of PC (the roof window etc.) is, because the bloom is simply reaching more further on the PC pic than it does on PS4 (call it aerial perspective i guess…?)

(i would try to turn off the bloom in my steam version of BM, to see how much difference it makes, but i have bunch of texture packs and tweaks installed, and i’m too lazy to reinstall it)

Also, …paper thin railing and jaggy lamps: