HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


Nice work.

My opinion hasn’t changed. I still prefer the PS4 version overall. At a glance, it looks cleaner, and the dark tones are more appealing to me than the light greenish tinge of the PC version.

Perhaps the “improvements” they made for the remastered version were less about adding detail and more about giving everything a nicer coat of paint, so to speak.

(You can see I’m really tech-savvy, can’t you? :smile:)

Maybe my opinion would change if you turned the bloom off. I dunno.


Only thing that makes me like more the pc version is that small hud. I can’t stand it that big on the ps4. It’s distracting someway.


Ah! So i turned off “Depth blur enabled” and that seems to be it (off and on comparsion, don’t mind the textures and colors tho, only the blur, as i said, i have lots of shit added in) So if someone who has unmodded steam version would make a screen with it turned off, it would probably looked very much the same like PS4… (?)



You see what you’ve done to me, IOI? Because you made your HD Collection £50 instead of a reasonable £40, I’m sitting here discussing two still frames instead of playing the actual game.

I hope you’re happy. lol


Nice job again.

I still give the edge to the PS4 version. It looks cleaner and newer (which it is, by 13 years, so it should to some degree!), but it’s definitely a point in the PC’s favour that graphics can be tweaked like that until the user is happy with them. If you don’t like what you’ve got on console: tough luck.


Honestly, I kinda regret buying it. If it was Absolution separate right away.
But I will never play Blood Money because I feel very uncomfortable. Instead Absolution feels great.


Sorry, is that because you’re used to playing it on PC? Are you saying the controller setup isn’t ideal for playing Blood Money?


No, the huge hud (life bar) is distracting me too much.


I followed your thoughts on all of this live, you shouldn’t have caved! I’m sure this will be half off in a month or two.


Normally, I’d agree with you on that. I don’t like obtrusive HUDs, either. I prefer small and sleek.

But lately I’ve had vision issues, so I don’t need a miniscule HUD making me strain the one eye I have that actually works OK. lol


Thank you very much for posting the photos @immadummee47 in my opinion, they look pretty good, I see a slight difference. Enough difference for me to get it anyway lol so thank you again man.


Another thing I don’t like, in Absolution this time, is the dark images.
Take a look at the briefing when you have pictures, or the Silverballer/any item displayed in the HUD and the small wallpaper up in the corner that displays your score. They are darker now like the image is not clear.
I raised the gamma to max but nothing to do. It’s just a visual decision thing.


Hm. Interesting. I don’t know why games developers often feel the need to change things that worked perfectly well the way they were. I suppose when they get stuck into the creative process, they just can’t help themselves and get carried away.

I’ll have a look at those things you mentioned when I get the chance. Might check out a YouTube video.


It’s significantly dark like a not clear image. You know what it is because you’re used to see those wallpapers. But it’s way too dark. Visuals of the game how ever are amazing. And I’m playing on a regular playstation with a FULL HD 60p tv.


Do you play hitman 2 with mini map on? If so, it’s the same size as BM health/suspicion bar, no?


Off. I can’t stand the mini map. I wish I could remove it from Absolution too.
I’m not conformable with the hud in the ps4 version in Blood Money because I’m used with the slimmer version on PC.


(on a side note, I’ve been reading your thoughts on the collection all day - you’re braving the storm, man. Thanks for giving your insight on it so far!)


I just tried Blood Money for the first time, and I love it, I haven’t given much thought to what seems to be the biggest conversation topic here, but for me the screenshoots from the PC Ultra and the PS4 Pro looks more or less the same, and that’s fine by me, I bought the game to play an game that I have heard lots about in the hitman community, and on that point the game delivered, what it did not deliver on that for me are more important is the controls, the controls don’t feel like modern controls, I had hoped that they would give us something more like Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 (2018).

I would guess that the controls won’t be improved now that the games already released, but I am hoping.


Well so far I’m really happy with Absolution. These things that I point out might be nothing for others.
But it’s the same identical game with even the same bugs.

As for Blood Money I can’t say much since I just walked a little in the training mission.


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