HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


“Enjoy two classic hits”




oh io you really got me there


I like Absolution. :yum:

It’s the use of the word “collection” in “HD Collection” that seems off to me.

I think of a “collection” of anything as being more than two things.

But I suppose HD Couple or HD Pair or HD Grumesome Twosome don’t sound too hot, either. lol


Yeah, I do too, but it’s just not a Hitman game, or at least not a good one. Though it is a good game in itself!


HD Remastered Bundle is the best option they should’ve had. Instead it’s a “Collection”… A Collection most people are only buying for one game…
Ah oh boy. :man_facepalming:

Not saying either is undeserving of being in the bundle or those who buy it for whichever game are wrong in doing so… just a simple jest.


That does sound better, Chicken.

And, despite my liking Absolution, I agree with you, @Opal_Hitman, that the majority of hardcore Hitman fans wouldn’t describe the game as a “classic” – the definition of “classic”, according to Bing, being something that “has been judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality, and an outstanding example of its kind”.

Although Absolution is technically “outstanding” – it just … stands out … for the wrong reasons, according to most people here.

IOI might have gotten away with the word “classic” on a technicality. Semantics FTW. lol


I agree, the discussion took a nose dive from joyful anticipation to dreadful competition.

Guys, the truth is, we were looking forward to a truly updated remaster (meaning more than graphics) after seeing the amazing changes IOI made from H1 to 2, especially the reworked 1 stages. Some of us fondly remember Blood Money (the stages not the controls) and a few of us fondly remember Absolution (raises hand). We were disappointed by the lack of attention given to the collection but were going to support IOI anyway, because you can’t pay more than $39.99 for a remaster right? And nope, apparently they decided to lead the industry in overpricing the remaster like never before instead of doing that with their game.

So the real topic they need to hear is that as loyal fans of Hitman, who wholeheartedly supported their efforts, we are just really disappointed in this move.


I think plenty of us have stated that clearly by this point. I’ve seen it on both here and the Hitman subreddit - nobody has an issue with the generic ports, but almost everyone has an issue with the price. $30, hell, perhaps even $40, and we would’ve picked it up no problem.


Yep. Agreed.

I wouldn’t say I feel insulted or betrayed or anything so dramatic.

The Collection just seems a bit overpriced and a bit undercooked, making it feel less like an amazing gift to the fans and more like a cash-grab than it should.

I’m still going to buy it eventually, but I’d rather have done so at launch, without any reservations.


Nothing dramatic, just disappointed. (And let the guilt trip begin, you listening IOI?) hahaha

Yes, agree, will eventually get the collection as well after a minimum 20 dollar discount.


honestly, this feels like a failed attempt at gaining more funds for HITMAN 3. i can see their thought process behind the HD Collection. they were thinking fans would buy it, and they get as much money as possible for H3. but the $60 pricetag is asking wayyy too much, even if IO is low on money atm. the best business decision would have been making it $40, that way even more people would buy the collection, resulting in even more funds for H3. but now we’re left with a $60 cashgrab barely anyone will buy, and they’ll probably get less funds than if they made it $40


That’s all good but the opinion of people on forums doesn’t mean anything compared to sales. Me and many others, out of compassion for hitman bought this pack (even tho I feel robbed lol). Io would have made a profit on this so their funds are still boosted. I think more people bought this than the forum let’s on


I thought both of them made some fair points, and that’s one of the reasons I didn’t take a side and instead aired my general opinion on the subject.


of course their funds are still boosted, but i’m saying they would have gotten more funds if they had made it $40. accessibility is key


Probs would have gotten the same if you do the maths. Make the pack 33% cheaper and people on the fence decide to buy boosting the sales by 33%. 40 bucks is still a lot and casuals browsing the psn store won’t pick this up. Tbf tho I do think it was daft charging so much


That is not how it works. Well not usually.


But it is true that a reduced price would’ve led to more funds for IO - lots of us are not paying $60 for it, but we would’ve spent $30-40; thus, that’s $30-40 per player they’re missing out on, all because they had to make it full price.


I agree on that, I question the % cheaper = % sales boost.


Yes, that didn’t make sense to me, either. I’d figure dropping the price by 33% would lead to a lot more than a 33% hike in sales, because it seems that a LOT of us are on the fence, awaiting a price drop for this.


Here’s an interesting question, to look at things from another angle for a second:

Would you have happily paid the current price if there had been significant improvements made to both games?

(And I don’t mean extreme graphical upgrades; I mean functionality fixes that fans have been requesting, such as alterations to Absolution’s disguise and scoring systems.)


If they were substantial enough, yes. I’ve picked up particular remasters for $60 that were worth it because of the changes alone, but with this, they removed online content and the graphics seem barely tweaked - same controls, same trophy lists, same everything, so I cannot justify paying $60 for that.