HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


I got psn cards £105 for £93 and bought this and Resident Evil 2, so this technically costed me £38 :smile:


Yes, that’s the main point, exactly. The pricing strategy was not well thought out and ends up being awkward.


Yes, the price should reflect the content. So if they match up then definitely.


Honestly I pray that we can get silent assassin and contracts in a hd collection mainly cos I never played them. Would have been nice if they were at least ported in the enhanced collection to somewhat make the price less bad but whatever. Bm and abso will do for now


Oh man, what I wouldn’t give to go back and play those two (my all-time favorites in the series) for the very first time. But yes, I’ll gladly play them for a millionth time at any point - now IO, if you want to do a quick port of those to the PS4/XB1 as a ‘Hitman HD Enhanced Collection 2,’ I would absolutely put down $60 for that. My favoritism with those games goes too far, I’d have to sever all ties with logic and buy it immediately.


Why don’t you play it on pc? Those games run on everything now days.


I can’t believe that people are paying full price for this… And this is coming from the guy that owns H1 three times and H2 twice - meaning I’m quite frivolous with money.


Other than a work computer I don’t really have a pc mainly down to cost but also cos I have always had a PlayStation since I was 8. If I wanted I could salvage my copy of contracts and my ps2 from my parents house but I would rather just wait, save my self the trouble and play them the best they can be played (on 4K)


Why did you buy the exact same games multiple times?


Accidents. H1 was preordered on disc before the digital/season announcement and I forgot about it and eventually it turned up after having had the digital version for almost a year. Then I was given the DE by a partner who thought it was a new game (and it later turned out used my money to buy it :joy:).


And here is me thinking that buying the goty upgrade was irresponsible loll

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To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the episodic approach initially and I only really liked Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh. I didn’t mind the rest but with Hitman 2 I loved the whole experience and every level I throughly enjoyed. Columbia and Whittleton Creek are definitely two of the best levels of the franchise.

I just think in my opinion, Hitman 2 is overall better than Hitman (2016).


Glad to see Kane & Lynch ,Hiro are still in Absolution HD.:slightly_smiling_face:


I wasn’t trying to be too technical I just meant that hitman is a niche game and casual people wouldn’t buy this for 40 or 60 dollars. Io has to appease to the community of hitman fence sitters by lowering the price which would result in probs a similar amount of money made if it was still 60 dollars


I think they try to please both sides. More casual players who would enjoy Absolution, and nostalgic fans with BM. They probably forgot that nostalgic fans have a price limit too and casual players are not casual enough to ignore these two games are actually quite old.
I still think lowering the price is generating way more sells than just making the total income even.


Yea you are probably right. I do think the price was a bit of a dumb move


But I bought it anyway so whatever lol


Maybe thier thinking was, some people will buy it for £50 then when it goes on offer to about £30 (what it should’ve been) more people will buy it


Honestly rn I am praying we are gonna get an enhanced collection for contracts and hitman 2 silent assassin