HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


Here are some screens of the ingame wallpapers I was telling that are too dark.
Even with the gamma at max it won’t help. All the images in the Objectives and ingame are toned down significantly.




That would be so cool.

Those two games are absolute classics!!!


hey, you guys did say you wanted a darker Hitman


My opinion from the criticism thread:


Very odd that they would release a game that looks like that. IO should really stop “improving” lighting in their games.Every time they did that it just lead to more problems and no improvements


Interesting. I wonder if it’s the same problem as the “black” Silverballer in Hitman 2. :thinking:


It ain’t available on ps store singapore yet, I thought it’s available worldwide now, what gives?


Extrmely obsessed with hitman since 2016… somebody please tell me why I should buy this collection. Is Blood Money truly as good as some of you say. Im on the fence, get me off it lol.


I think they did it to show that they changed some stuff. But this looks bad.


Now I do not want to buy the collection anymore, that’s why. Thank you.:wink: I think it destroys everything.


The ingame is totally fine. Very bright and all. But menu, inventory and objectives are noticeable.
You can read everything alright. Just dark images.


Every additional screenshot I see from this HD collection makes me want to get it now more and more lol, wrong time as I’ve just had to renew the annual PS membership too! next payday for sure!!


Yes it’s fucking amazing. Levels are the quality of all the modern levels


Guys I am on the attack of the saints mission right now. How much left of this game is there? it is worse than I thought it would be. The disguise system ruins absolution. I’m only saying this cos I never played it in 2012


you’re close-ish to the end


^Me through every second of Absolution. My sympathies, mate.


Maybe they will patch it soon…


I only just finished lol. Probs never gonna play it again. The disguise system could of worked if the levels were bigger but instead it is just a bunch of corridors with people in the same clothes as you so it is so hard especially since I played on expert. I legit never knew why people hated on the game until now :confused:


Play it suit only, you might aswell :grin:


I would rather play contracts with my feet lol