HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


Now you understand our frustrations over all these years.


I got to the terminus hotel and I thought, what the fuck were they thinking. At least they managed to get the perfect balance for H2016 and H2


how does the weapon upgrade system work in enhanced absolution? if i remember correctly you only earned money in contracts mode, but since that was removed… i wonder if the system is now working at all. can anyone tell?


You get point at the of the game, unlock abilities and that’s it.


So it is a bit like in H2016 and H2 when playing the main game unlocks everything?


In season 1 and Hitman 2 you unlock weapons and stuff. In absolution only exchanged abilities. Like running longer, dealing more damage. Increased steady aim with the sniper. Faster reloading and things like that.

While in the old version with contracts mode, you also unlocked accessories for the weapons you have.


Sigh I feel empty and beyond apathetic, I think today’s the day that I shell out $80CDN for an unchanged version of Blood Money. I just want to make BM youtube vids lol.

Supporting IO in the process so there we go.


Don’t do it, you have so much to live for


But the youtube vids! It’s better than wallowing in my own thoughts lol. I’m ordering pizza and buying more weed too, it’s a whole event!


Sounds like a right party lol :smile:


I can get behind the weed and pizza, but not the overpriced BM! Just hold out a few more weeks, this thing will go on sale eventually.


I know, but then life won’t have meaning! Money is only money.


Bruh you weak af. Buying it will keep them producing this shitty pack. We should stop this nonsence and make them bring out the trilogy. That’s what keeps me waiting.


Yea that was my thinking a couple of days ago, today I don’t care.


You and your wallet will regret this.


I wouldn’t hold out that much hope. The collection is released they are not gonna take it off the stores and replace it with the trilogy. Then again I am praying for HD contracts and silent assassin


There’s only a few companies out there that I will support every step of the way, IOI, rocksteady and CDPR (unfortunely not with CP2077 because it’s 1st person and I’m not into that perspective at all with a controller.

But if this was ea or rockstar? Fuck that. The quality of the games may be good (sometimes) but the greed that comes out of them with their dlc is not worth supporting.

That’s why I bought this pack. It’s more a collection than actually playing for me.


There was an update of 226 mb today. Anyone knows what it does?


Probably Stability fixes because the Titles had some crashes at launch alongside from what some say lighting errors.


Rockstar doesn’t make the decisions for MT. That is purely Take 2 the parent company of Rockstar. If we wanna get into the details we can. I think Rockstar’s formula is getting old, but we can’t deny that they produce quality products. RDR2 took 8 years to create and they honestly created one of the more wholesome experiences on gaming for many in a while. I sound biased, but we can also say KH3, RE2 Remake, God of War, and probably more. I don’t lynch developers when it comes to monetizing their games because in reality it’s not their choice it’s the parent companies and stockholders for Take 2. Hence why COD has gone to hell and EA is widely hated among many now.