HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


Yep, it’s the publishers who wield the power by making their devs either work on games they’re not specialised in and then using that as an excuse to drop them when unsurprisingly the title isn’t as ‘successful’ i.e makes ALL the money (hello, EA) or force them to compromise their gameplay and vision for a title to cram in lootboxes, microtransactions, pay to win mechanics and such (hello again EA, also hello Actiblizzard, Ubisoft and lets not forget the current Hitman paymasters WB Games i.e. Shadow of War).

EDIT: Oh, and Take 2 as mentioned above, also 2K games and their ridiculous microtransactions in their sports franchises. Or Capcom putting ads in Street Fighter V. And Konami just being Konami.


Ok with Shit Arts but why Rockstar?


The multiplayer prioritisation and the obvious greed. GTA V was supposed to have additional singleplayer content, this was what people were expecting. But the multiplayer made Rockstar more money so it was prioritised, shark cards became a thing as well. I don’t know anything about RDR2 but most people are certain that Rockstar is going to do the same thing with it.

Also, back on topic


I don’t mind replaying Contracts, but seriously I never, ever want to replay Silent Assassin again. I played it on the PS2 and the Xbox 360. It’s enough.


Yea I see why people hate it. To me it just was my childhood and I love it to bits mainly cos of nostalgia and a port/remaster would be great for me


This has now been reduced on PSN to £32.99! Only until Monday though


An I just played absolution a couple of times to finish the story.


Feel bad for those that paid the full price when it quite clearly should of been around £30 in the first place, glad I waited it out, although I wasn’t expecting it to come down in price this quick.


On the one hand, nobody held a gun to their head… On the other, OOF! That’s a kick in the balls!


Well yeah there is that, I suppose games always come down in price but with it only being available on the PlayStation & Microsoft stores I expected to not come down for many months lol, don’t get me wrong I’m over the moon it has though! Nice little Friday treat :smiley:


Hm… it’s still full price 80$ over here in Canada. Hope it gets changed soon as well.

Then again this is probably just an EU sale… So maybe other regions will get their price drop once other sales come around.

EDIT: Oops. I originally thought that you meant the price dropped to £32.99 permanently.


No sorry, should of stated, £32.99 until 11th Feb, It should be globally shouldn’t It through the PS store?


Nope. Different regions, different pricing, different sales.


Might sound daft, but isn’t there a way to change the region on your console so you could buy the game? with it just being a remaster there’ll be no future DLC or anything else connected with it?


Got excited when I saw new posts, but shame, still $60 in the U.S. PS Store.


On the console itself, no, but in a web browser, yeah you can get other store regions.
Though to buy it I’d need to make a new account of that region, then load it up on my PS4.

It’s not that much of a hassle, actually. But, I don’t think the Collection is worth £33 (55$ CAD). Would need to be a bit lower for my tastes.


The current Hitman voice actor for Diana is NOT the same as in Absolution, and she takes on the role of Karin Bowman in Ghost Recon Wildlands


Guess it depends on what you appreciate about the new Hitman. But IMO Blood Money is better.


This - I love 2016, but the likes of Silent Assassin, Contracts and Blood Money are soooo much better to me.


I bought it day 1. Played BM twice. Played absolution once. No idea when I’ll ever play again. I didn’t really buy it to play it anyways. I just wanted to see it on my screen. :joy: