HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


I’m using Xbox but I hate it when all game companies treats PC like trash. I want to everyone could play games without “exclusive to …” crap.


Could it be possible IO is going to make actual gameplay changes?


For starters PC players have extended access to the games - there are no issues of cross-platform compatibility as there are if you try to play a PS2 game on a PS4. If you’re a PC player and you want to try Blood Money you can just go buy it on Steam today, right now.

Playstation players need to have kept their PS3 and if they don’t have or never had one they’re shit out of luck.

Secondly historically PC players have a tendency to riot at the idea of paying for a remaster rather than receiving it as a free patch.

Lastly because PC does make up a relatively small proportion of the market these days, so from an accounting point of view it’s harder to justify a remaster when the market is smaller to begin with and more likely to snub you because they think they’re entitled to it.

See how much better things go if you ask questions rather than just rush to abuse?


I don’t think these enhancements will come to PC, since I’ve never had a PC idk is HD trilogy came to PC via free patch btw.


I don’t think they will either, but PC players have the option to buy Blood Money for the cost of a lunch - so they have very little reason to anticipate the release of the game in HD format unless they’re in the top few percent of fans… and that ends up being a few thousand people.

Unless those few thousand people are willing to pay a few hundred dollars per copy - it’s going to cost the studio money unless they work out a way to make it easily exportable to PC.

If they do that - they’re probably better off making it a hi-def DLC and probably well after the console release so that the console players don’t feel that they’re being screwed over.


This is interesting. Can you post the source regarding the market size?


if they add 1st person POV to this Absolution remaster, they better add it to H2 for all players


So I guess this means Absolution servers will be up again.


These games are 6 days away. Still no pre order option on playstore. I will try again tonight.
So far we know it’s going to be digital only.


I know someone who will be celebrating. (This was posted 2 days after the release of Hitman 2)


Specific figures are locked down by publishers as the constitute valuable market information, and obviously it varies game to game, however there are some major factors to consider:

Game of the Year material games like God of War get funded as console exclusives because it’s now viable to use “you need to buy this console to play this game” as a means to sell consoles, and that achieves sufficient saturation the industry takes note.

While it’s possible to know how many gaming rigs there are that are compatible with current generation games, seventy million PS4s have been sold globally, and thirty-nine million unites of XBone. So it’s pretty easy review and program for a potential market of one hundred million.

That’s why you find increasing amounts of games being developed primarily for console and then imported across to PC - leading to scenarios like Batman: Arkham Knight having that infamous port. For games that play well with a controller, or on your couch with friends in your living room - consoles rules.

In this case - there’s the factor that literally anyone on PC who really wants to play Blood Money can do so for a relatively small investment… so their market would be people who:

  • Are on PC
  • Refuse to play Absolution or Blood Money unless it’s remastered or are so excited about them they’ll by a whole knew copy for the remastered

That’s um… that’s a very specific market compared to:

  • On console (PS4/Xbone)
  • Don’t have a previous console that’d play it currently connected and would like to play the game
  • Will be willing to pay for it on their current generation system

The first group is basically people who are obsessed over Blood Money… a game that never sold particularly well, since Absolution on PC can already be cranked up to some impressive display already.

The second is every console player who:

  • Joined with HITMAN or HITMAN 2 and doesn’t have a previous console set up
  • Played on a previous console but for whatever reason can’t play it on that console any more and will pay to play it again

That’s a fairly good market - particularly since one of the big issues with Absolution was that it was held back by the previous generation console limitations. They can’t change the maps etc without massive effort but they can crank up the settings to 11 (as PC players can by installing a more powerful video card).


It would be cool if they price it 47.47 euros !!!

P.S.I was talking about H2 prices on PsStore during January sales…


Use sniper is first person perspective.:thinking:
Will Sniper Challenge be remastered ?


I don’t know if I will buy this. Almost surely not. I still have PS3 where I can play all previous Hitman games. But I think it’s a good move to make them know to new Hitman players. I hope one day they will remaster also the first 3 games. And I hope they remaster also the Hitman Sniper.


I feel ashamed to tag someone from IOI but this needs clearification

@Travis_IOI will it be possible to buy them seperately?

Some of us only want Blood Money or Absolution


i dont think so, it wouldnt be a Collection anymore.


€60 is a crazy price! Especially when their brand new Hitman 2 is sitting at €35 on consoles. I’ll pick it up when it drops in price. This was such a bad call by IOI.


Max Payne wasn’t remastered. It’s running on a PS2 emulator with custom settings applied.


Blood Money and Absolution are both already available on Xbox One


If they were going to re-release Blood Money, I thought they’d remake it in the current engine instead of just releasing a slightly better version of the original.