HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection


Hmmm Hitman Bloodmoney and Absolution in 2019 when the Superior Hitman 2016/Hitman 2 exists.

No thanks


They are both in relation. If one knows how to do it right, it takes less effort. Between two coders, they both could write for the exact same thing, but one writes 2 pages of code while the other writes 1 page of code. The difference is one will be much better executed when run, and that comes down to knowledge/experience on HOW to use code, because sometimes it’s better to write more and sometimes if you know how, you can write less if it’s done right to be efficient in its processes.

This is false. When I was in video gaming school (coding with C++, C sharp and flash) back in 2010, this is exactly what we did. Took an unreal engine 1 game and remastered it to the Xbox 360 (coding and graphics (I was on the coding team)). It was easy as pie after we knew what to do a few weeks in but nonetheless, still hard work, as it goes with the territory of video game development.

The game we remastered was a Ubisoft in-house game. Our teacher was a Ubisoft dev. It had no title. It was just called “G.A.M.E.” (Acronym for something I can’t remember anymore). But we looked at many engines/games over the course of 3 years and unreal 1, 2 and 3 were included, as well as Scimitar/Anvil (ubi’s engine) We also REMADE Super Mario Brothers from scratch through flash. That was fun. Lol.

Ok, while true, irrelevant in remastering a much older, simpler game where it just needs simple texture upgrades to sharpen it which results in upping the res to 1080p and using the hardware to run 60fps. But that’s not even needed, can still use 30fps if you want.

And exactly my point, “the team TRYING to…”. Comparing a game this gen is apples and oranges.

Irrelevant because there are a bunch of other ps2 games that got remastered for PS4 like manhunt, and so many others that don’t use Max Payne’s “textures painted on blocky figures” style. So it doesn’t matter if it’s still a console game, the platform is a totally different architect but the knowledge of the devs have to be there to do it right. It’s not impossible or just “hard work”. It’s ALWAYS hard work. That’s video games for you, so even mentioning that is irrelevant as it’s the obvious.

Every remastered game has “potential” pain points as it goes from one platform to another. Again a good dev or team can do anything. These are computers and there is no “it can’t be done”. Wtf you talking about, dude? There’s always a way. Lol.

It’s not about it being “easy” and “reliable”, it’s just doable and is it worth the investment. But with the work SA would need for a simple HD upgrade, isn’t that much compared to what you used with Frostbite and Andomeda.


We intercepted a video surveillance of an IOI employee who gathers fans’ money in a secret underground, omg.


Why are they charging that much for a digital copy as well. If its gonna cost that much I want to put it on my shelf next to the rest of my HITMAN collection.

Hitman blood money looks good and runs on highest settigs on a cheap laptop from 2011…

Unless there is significant gameplay changes whats the point. Anyways, I will be passing but only because I dont like digital games. I Love Blood Money and Absolution.


I would buy that in a heartbeat.

For no more than £30.

I agree that this seems like a poor decision motivated by greed.

Do IO-I not remember their open letter apologising for how shit Absolution was? Do they really want to darken the success of Hitman 2016/2018 by regurgitating that fetid mess over the shoes of new players?


They released a letter about Absolution?




Now if they can just FINALLY release updated, enhanced versions for the first three games.

P.S.: IOI, you have nothing to apologize for with Absolution. A majority of the Hitman community owes you an apology for being ungrateful jackoffs toward an incredible game.


Too late, they already apologised! No retractions!


Aware of that. Telling them they didn’t need to. For the record.


Absolution took the sandbox-puzzle formula and threw it into a garbage compressor, what part of you calls that incredible?


Wrong! We dont owe them jack shit and they dont owe us. we are the customers and if they put out shit products then they dont get paid.

This collection imo doesnt deserve to get picked up for any price let alone $60


I don’t want to do this but:


Anyone know if this will be up for preorder on psn or just something we will have to wait until it’s released to buy?


I have the same question, I wanted to know the exact price before release, so I could buy PSN wallet cards to buy it.


Normally I’m one to pre-order everything and get it at launch, but I think this would be something that I would wait until a sale comes along. I get why it would be priced at what it is (profitability for the project) but at the same time, it seems too much for a 12 year old game and piece of shit from 2012 that made me rage quit multiple times and took about 6 weeks to actually finish (and NEVER went back to).


Im hardcore about hitman since Hitman2016 came out so Im dying to try these. Maybe Im an idiot but for me its a nobrainer. Getting this as soon as Im able, cant wait.


They didn’t apologise, what was there to apologise for? That open letter just stated they were taking the best parts from all previous Hitman games and merging them into the 2016 game.


Still can’t get over the price tag for this. Are the changes even going to be that substantial and significant? I’m thinking it’s not - plus, announcing this a week before release, it’s digital only and there’s no sort of gameplay or screenshots or even a pre-order option yet? Doesn’t make me optimistic.


I’ll be buying the collection, 44.99 won’t break the bank can’t wait to get stuck into BM again