HITMAN HD Pack is now backward compatible on Xbox One

As the title says:


Now to buy it somewhere :smiley:

fucking finally, christ

LOL, had an Xbox One S for a few months but just wasn’t feeling it. Sold it about a month or so back, so of course this is now available as a BC title. Horrible timing on my part. Why can’t they release this for PS4 already? I’m hoping if the recent HD Pack was any sign, SA and Contracts could get their own sometime soon.

Isn’t it available on the market place? I can buy it on the German Xbox market place.


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Just got it!
Weird that most of the promo material and even the loading screen is from Blood Money.
Still, pretty psychés to play these on console for the first time.

Just waiting on the trilogy hd pack now! Praying they do it soon

I’m confused - what is it exactly you’re waiting on?

I just jumped out of my bed and rushed to my gaming library

The controls for Contracts really annoy me. So difficult to just walk and not burst into a sprint.

Hitman hd trilogy, had hitman 2silent assassin as well as contracts and blood money

The Trilogy has 2 Disks one for Blood Money and One for The HD Pack

that’s what became backwards compatible

He is confused he thinks that a individual disk contains all 3 of the games.

I know

20 characters.

True I’ve goofed myself, nvm

I know. I misread your post. :smiley: sorry

Does the “HD” stand for “Hardly Discernable”? Can’t read the menu in Hitman Contracts, especially during gameplay.
A really lousy port compared to PC gameplay if you ask me.

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Fantastic news!! Absolutely love these two!!

Hopefully one day (I know it probably won’t happen) IOI do a full remaster on Silent Assassin and Contracts. Would be so cool. :wink: