Hitman & Hitman 2 PS4 connection failure


Let’s start with… big fan of the series :slightly_smiling_face: I was really looking forward to play Hitman thanks to Complete Season 1 via Playstation plus. I downloaded the game around 4 days ago and from the very beginning I’m having the same connection issues.

Hitman failed to connect or to authenticate with servers.

I have a PS4 (updated), I’m located in Poland

  1. I’ve already reinstalled the game
  2. Reset settings on my PS4
  3. Changed the wifi to another network (mobile LTE)
  4. Installed Hitman 2 (same connection issues)
  5. I was even hitting “Retry” for like 15 times in a row :slight_smile:

I’m only able to play offline which kind of sucks.
I would appreciate any help from the technical support.


In the future, please post in #hitman-technical-support.

You can check the status of the servers here:


Sorry, I’m new here. Checked the status several times. PS4 servers seem to be fine.


You may want to read this thread to see if you can find a solution.


Thanks again. Seems like people are having similar problems from time to time but no solution yet :confused: Google DNS aren’t helping :confused:


It may be an ISP issue. All other internet activities work? Browser, (other) downloads, upload?


Everything works perfectly fine.


I meant the internet connection. Hitman is still in the offline mode.


Is your router set to use as primary DNS?


tried it already. Nothing.




I’m starting to think that there might be something with my router. I’m using Linksys Velop via wifi. On the other hand, PS4 connected via Personal Hotspot also doesn’t work.


Here is something interesting… I’ve just downloaded Hitman via Steam on my Macbook and… it works.
So it’s not the router. It’s something with the PS4 settings.


Found the solution. Maybe it’s something for #hitman-technical-support or someone from Playstation Network.

Let’s start with. THE GAME IS WORKING!!! :slight_smile: Thanks everyone for help.
The problem is that it’s not working with my main PSN account.
I’ve created a new account on my PS4, verified etc. … and the game just works (under a different account).
Seems like it’s some kind of a bug with my PSN-ID. Not sure if it’s IOI server or PSN causing problem. I will try to contact tech PS tech support tomorrow morning and try to figure it out.


Do other online games work under that account? Maybe you’ve been banned or blacklisted for something. Just throwing the possibility out there.