Hitman Hurt - Cinematic film-(Johnny Cash)

This cinematic video is meant to captures the dark turmoil of 47’s life and his struggle with regret for killing his only friend, as well as his final acceptance of what he is and what he does.

This a mix of cinematic cut scenes, game trailers, gameplay trailer and deleted cut scenes from multiple games - all to the song ‘Hurt’ by Johnny Cash.


I liked it, good editing, good choice of song. The only thing that annoyed me, was the subtitels in the clips.

Thanks and sorry about the subs i tried to edit as many as i could out, but some could not be removed.

It is very good! Can you tell me where you got the deleted scenes?

The deleted scenes can be found in the Absolution: Full Disclosure app. There’s a thread on it here.

You can also just find it on youtube is you search ‘Hitman Absolution deleted cut scenes’.