Hitman ICA Facility

I have been going through the game to complete challenges and have finished all of the ICA facilities challenges. The problem I am facing is getting the last and final feat in the ICA facility. The feat in question is “Escalating the Situation” I am supposed to complete 10 Escalations. I have completed all 10 and did it again and it still refuses to count it.
Here is what I am talking about.

10 Escalations means 10 contracts, not 10 levels.

As I see by this picture, you have 2 done, 8 to go


I have finished the entire ICA facility including contracts. Also, the challenge said 10 Escalations these 2 escalations have 5 levels each that is 10 escalations. There are no contracts, escalations, absolutely nothing left in the ICA facility.

That challenge isn’t level specific. You need to complete ten escalations across all of the levels, meaning you need to complete the other eight on different levels.


Sounds good. Thank you.

You’re wrong.
Each Escalation contract is counted as 1 contract and it doesn’t matter how much levels it has.
You have to complete all levels in each 10 Escalation contracts to get this challenge done.

As your image shows, you completed 2 Escalation contracts.
It’s 8 Escalations left for you.

I thought it would go without saying that these Escalations can be found under each location tab and you know it.
You can choose any 10 contracts to complete in any 14 locations.

For example you can complete one Escalation in Paris, one in Sapienza, one in Colorado, one in Marrakesh, one in Hokkaido, one in Miami, one in Santa Fortuna and one in Haven Island.
Once you finish any 10th contract, you should get that challenge done and recieve your reward, if there is any (I don’t remember).

It’s important to stress that all Escalaton contract levels must be completed.
If a contract has 5 levels, all 5 levels must be done. If you complete 2 or 4 levels of this particular contract, it won’t be completed, thus it won’t be considered in overall completion.

I hope I explained all this in details, but if you have questions left, don’t hesitate to thow them

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Already got my answer. And no it doesn’t go without saying because I only finished the ICA facility so I figured it was only for that area. If I had gone into the other areas then maybe it would have gone without saying. When I said I finished all of the ICA facility that means just the ICA facility. I thought that went without saying. And the challenge only says finish 10 escalations and not finish an escalation in each destination. So, recap…since I had only finished one facility and read the challenge as it being for THAT destination and only THAT destination then I figured it was the fact that each escalation has 5 levels which I completed and you said I only completed 2 and that I have 8 more to go I didn’t pick up on that until I traveled to the other destinations and saw they had the same challenge and I realized, oh hey that is what he meant by 8 more. I don’t need all of the escalations in each destination only 10 and I complete the challenge. So, I can see where your first answer helps. Thank you. Have a wonderful day!