HITMAN III announced (Jan 2021)

i think she just needs to stop talking over NPC lines. i personally never notice her when she’s saying her regular stuff (aside from a few exceptions like in Mumbai). but when she starts talking over important dialogue (which is often), it gets really annoying.


It has been stated by IO interactive themselves that Hitman 2 development was rushed and mission depth was limited because of budgetary reasons. According to IO interactive, the most time and money spent on early Hitman2016 development with Square Enix’s money to build the initial levels of Paris and Sapienza, the representative swiss cheese, fortress and snail house concept levels. The response to the episodic release of Hitman2016 caused a financial panic that loomed over the completion of Hitman2016.

Now that IO interactive is independent, can we expect more or less time and financial investment in Hitman 3? Is IO interactive truly satisfied with Hitman3, with a more expansive budget and time available to develop the ultimate Hitman experience for their fans?


What do we know?

  • We know from both the comics and the end of Contracts that she’s usually in the same city as her Agents

  • She mentions using satellites in both SA and the Vector but they seem to function as secondary ways of gathering intel.

  • In Absolution, he was on a rather obvious earpiece with Travis that we don’t see anywhere else.

  • 47 has the ability to answer her like he does in the post-Colorado cutscene, he just doesn’t do it very often, so there has to be a mic component

  • At least in the trilogy she definitely sees what he sees no matter what he’s wearing so it would make sense for it to be easily transferrable

  • It clearly doesn’t just feed back into ICA servers, or 47 would have been going after their clients with the whole Handler division watching

If ICA is going to dump their development budget into anyone, it’s going to be their top earner. I could see 47 having a specially designed set up that Diana could also feasibly wear out in the field, with Grey and/or Olivia stepping into the Handler role.


It would be cool if a headset and a little camera added to his suit (maybe in form of an ICA Pin) would always be visible and I think it would be better if Diana’s voice is like in the “homecoming” cutscene, coming from a speaker. Just little details, but I think they would be helpful for the atmosphere.


Fifa 21 and Far Cry 6 is now pre-order in Romania and Hitman 3 no. Why ioi? Far cry 6 appear in 29 february 2021.

Because they’re not ready. This time they handle everything for Hitman 3, publishing design and pre-order website, all of this takes time when you don’t have an outsourced team on it like Hitman 1 & 2.


Yes! Plus then we would get more Bateson lines.

Think of the banter potential…

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State of Play this thursday at 22.00 CEST with:

  • upcoming PS4 and PS VR games
  • update about third-party & indie-games from the PS5-showcase in june
  • NO big PS5 announcements

‘‘We’ll have a few PS5 game updates on third-party and indie titles you last saw in June’s PS5 showcase.’’


Yess please, hope for hitman 3 news…

I’m really highly skeptical about this considering IOI Monthly is this month. It could go both ways - does IOI - they would certainly want people to know about their game, but it’s going the wrong way about it? Right now though it’s hard to tell, mainly because the recent announcements has been quite low.



Cool! I’m really curious about Stray.


i dont know if youre joking, but i am actually pretty excited about Stray :smiley: i remember seeing a demo a few years ago and i thought the game was abandoned


No I’m serious, I’m a Cat-Enthusiast and my biggest Hobby is Videogames, so I’m really excited to see more of this Game.
That Trailer was awesome and tbh my personal Highlight of the Stream - I’m more interested in Stray than I’m in Hitman 3.


First of the news drops they promised us on 30th July!


Ah yes it’s one month closer to launch, and the floor here is made out of floor.


Plottwist: its also one month further away from the launch of all other Hitman Games.


One month further away from C47 is a cause for celebration in anyone’s book… :tada: :trophy: :tada:


Cant wait to get absolutely nothing from IO in celebration of C47s 20th Anniversary this November :heart_eyes: