Hitman III Wild Speculation & Bet

Okay, so at lot of discussion right now is speculating on what’ll happen in H3.

So, what I want people to do is post their wildest speculations and place a bet on how certain they are in H3. Then, come January, we can all look back on this thread and laugh at our ridiculous speculations.


And don’t take this too seriously, just make wild speculations


I semi-believe this one

Speculation: H3 is going to include a photo mode on all versions similar to Ansel

What I Bet: The last of the space on my hard drive, not taken up by crappy H2 screengrabs

I’m prepared to look back on this in January and weep :upside_down_face:


This sounds fun! I will go with:

Speculation: There will be elevators

What I Bet: The elevators of my apartment. I will have to take stairs for the rest of my life if there’s none. (I live on 4th floor, btw)


Aight, here goes

Speculation: The manor in the trailer is the same location as the party

What I bet: My entire life savings plus my RuneScape account


Might as well join in:

Speculation: Lucas Grey is going to SURVIVE Hitman 3.

What I bet: If I’m incorrect, I’m going draw 5 NPCs of any Map (Not including Bonus Missions or Special Assigments) in Pixel Art. It’s of course also a slight Win for my Characters, but it’s hell of alot of work and take me Months to get through with it.


Speculation: The story will be extremely dumb. So I’m throwing all speculations here. Diana and 47 will have a high school drama over the parents thing with a Blood Money thing where she appears to betray him but bazinga, she doesn’t. 47 will get angry and sad killing Grey. 47 will be close to crying. Lucas Grey is one of 47’s Five Fathers. Olivia Hall is part of the Illuminati.
My bet: 5000 Fortnite V-bucks


Ahahahahahahahahaha I’ve been parodied! :joy:

Speculation: The Constant is finally going to admit he was the mystery man in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, and it has no effect on any of the characters because only the audience ever saw him :laughing:

What I Bet: A reference in the next book I published

P.S. I’ll start work on another fanfic short :smile:


Well it’s not a speculation about the game itself but…

Speculation: we’ll get news about Hitman today during playstations’ state of play.

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Ahem, what is your bet, good sir? :thinking:


Speculation: Edwards will turn out to have been a lost Ort-Meyer clone that Janus rescued from the asylum.

What I Bet: A shout out in my Oscar acceptance speech


Speculation: 47 will get captured by Providence, but then out of nowhere Agent Smith will jump in and kick everyone’s ass with dual silverballers, explaining to 47 that he was only pretending to be terrible at his job all along and was just testing him. Then, the two walk hand in hand towards the sunset and the credits roll.

What I Bet: A pair of stars and stripes boxer shorts.


Speculation: Lei Ling is a NPC in Hong Kong and knows the Combination to the Safe that contains the Jade Figurine.

What i bet: nobody at IO gives a fuck about my great ideas.


Ochoa, I don’t think you understand. You’re supposed to bet some of value :wink:


okay fine.

What i bet: the last slither of respect i have left for @TheContractor


Speculation: Ghost Mode will not only return in H3, but it will also be fully integrated into all H3 locations, and fully optimized. Also, another multiplayer mode will be added to the mix, a mode mimicking the likes of Hitman Roulette / Roulette Rivals.

What I Bet: Nothing, but a man can dream…


Side note: I really like this thread @TheContractor.

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Also thanks @MulletPride


speculation: Grey & the Constant were working together all along and will be the targets of the final mission of the game, which will take place in one of Ort-Meyer’s asylums that is now filled with militia & Providence agents.

speculation mk 2: Birdie & Cosmo Faulkner from Absolution will finally return, as elusive targets in the Chinatown/Hong Kong level.

what I bet: I dont know. How about 3 fiddy?


To further add to this:

Speculation: IO will sponsor the event as part of a sideline event, to coincide with carrying out the success of the server. Personal opinion: it’s very unique and a fantastic server.

What I Bet: My winners club role.