Hitman in Britain


I’m trying to think if hitman ever had a location in Britain and if not, why. ?


Beldingford Manor in Hitman Contracts is definetly in Britain. I can’t think of any others that come to mind.

Oh, I think the last level of Absolution is in Britain, because the ICA are trying to uncover Diana’s body. Just checked the wiki, the last level, Absolution is meant to be near Cornwall apparently.


Yep. It’s just those two.


I must admit, being Scottish, I feel like you could make a good level set in Scotland somewhere. Edinburgh is a city with a distinct architecture that could make for an interesting level I think.


Truly IO picks locations based on how important they are globally, and no other factors at all go into that selection


Level in Britain where all plastic objects are illegal no matter what your disguise is.

10/10, would pre-order.


Yeah I know full well how IO pick their locations (BTW there is no reason a car race can’t be held in Sydney or Melbourne)There are plenty of interesting places and things 47 can do to kill someone in Australia.

I mean some people on here wanted 47 to head to an oil rig, a Sunday in Mt Isa is more lively and exciting than an oil derrick.

Also I bring it up again there is already a thread dedicated to prospective locations on this site.


Omg if they are doing the accents I need Scotland.
I require this.


the North Sea level is most likely going to be English. I think awhile back IO was looking at Kingston-Upon-Hull as a location. They reference the city on a travel mag and in real life the City is a port town in the UK.


The should recast the guy who voice The Meat King or dredge up Mike Myers from whatever hole he is hibernating in and ave him voice all the characters including the women and children. Also as a level 20 master all Cutscene voices, 47 and Diana are Dana Carvey’s Garth as a filter


This make me remember a recent interview which Sven was asked if there is a remaster which level would he choose and replied “The Butcher Mission”.


Huh, that level is set in Romania (which auto-correct wont recognise). So a level in Eastern Europe where everyone is voiced by Roman Bellic then. 47 gets a bowling ball for Pro LV. 20 mastery. In all seriousness I wouldn’t mind returning to Britain. (Not as much as going to Australia, but New Zealand is close enough I guess..)


Hitbritain: Blood Pounds.


Don’t forget the Brexit edition with no-refunds

And the Pax Britannia edition with no-returns


Corrupt-A-Wish: 47 goes to Britain, but all female NPCs sound like Rocco’s sister. :smiling_imp:


I’d like a level set in my home city of Manchester, at Manchester United’s football stadium, Old Trafford.

It works because 47’s signature colour is also red, and United could really use someone with great shooting skills and the ability to follow through on a contract right now. :upside_down_face:

(But, no, seriously, if we start getting accurate accents, I’d quite like to go to Scotland, Wales or Ireland.)


“47, your mission is to retire the infamous Glazer family…”

  1. That doesn’t happen
  2. Recycling is a good thing and everyone should do it anyway



Well, depends on the accents and where you are I suppose. If it was set in Glasgow, I think most people would require subtitles. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some good places for a Hitman level, the Highland Games could be cool, maybe with an opportunity of 47 to perform the Caber Toss while pretending to be an athlete. In Edinburgh every year there is the military tattoo outside the castle. It’s an event where an audience watches the military bands play music and march in interesting ways, as well lots of foreign militaries turning up. Edinburgh Castle itself is an interesting complex, with a National War Museum, a working cannon that they fire at 1pm, firework facilities for New Years, a series of tunnels that are believed to be haunted, some crown jewels, many vantage points to “accidently” push someone over a wall.


I’d like to see a level set in Oxford for some of that Inspector Morse-y murder mystery feel.