Hitman in Britain


I would like to see Belfast in a mission (North Ireland is still British so it counts), a place like the Titanic Museum or the city centre would be lovely


Well, there’s a subtitle option for those people anyway, so it’s fiiiinnneeeee.


I’m totally okay for a Britain level (Beldingford is one of my favourites) :slight_smile:

But they shouldn’t do a British level just for the sake of it.

It should make sense on the story, and the gameplay :+1:


I don’t think you can understand a Glaswegian man even WITH subtitles :laughing:


Next mission on the UK should be set in Wales!


Anywhere specifically in Wales you think that would be cool?


I liked Cardiff. And the area near the Saint David’s Metropolitan Cathedral could be a good setting.


“47, I have not issued a contract for you in a long time! How about you go to Eastern Europe?”


BRiTMAN: World of Tea.


i very want return frost of fogly rainy levels in Britain