Hitman inside the word war 2

Imagine if he have possibility for time travel. What have beautiful mission for being secret inside japan militia camp and not option trigger of banzai attack. I am believe it can be his hard most mission. But 47 do time travel for eliminating the evil leader to make prevent of war. He’s targets became Roosebelt, trueman, stalling, Hitler and mossolini. What think of type for mission?

“Welcome… to Jerusalem, 47…”


Didn’t expect a Glacius post.

47 probably can’t time travel. Oh, and why would Roosevelt be a target? That’s assuming 47 and co. side primarily with the UK.


Oh come on now you are just trolling. Nobody could fuck up the names of the WWII leaders that badly.

Also the banzai was phased out of standard operating procedure.

I think as silly as it sounds… as a one-off DLC, maybe interested. Not specifically the Hitler thing but the time thing. Thinking back to the Tenchu 2 level that took place in the present day, it’s a pretty nice novelty. But it would probably come at the cost of a proper level making it not so good.

As a compromise [ and please let someone from IO see this and like this idea] , how about a Terminator-style level entrance (for a regular level) where 47 enters the level from an electric bubble like in the Terminator movies. Starting outfit is his b-day suit[pixelated?] and you have to steal some clothes.:ok_hand:

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Because 47 having no side. He assign kill for anyone include good side.

This would have been a lot cooler as a Terminator tie-in at par or better than the Dark Fate tie-in in MK11. Either HITMAN 2 having a Terminator themed mini-campaign (paid for by Skydance/Paramount) or a special “Red Eyed 47 travelling through time”. As 47 takes damage he becomes more mechanical underneath. :open_mouth:

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Wolf’s Lair Mission ideation:

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That is just what this series needs time travel! Cause that never makes plots about remorseless and unrelenting killers just straight up terrible.

Yes, let’s just have another fever dream absolution game where we feed Gandhi and make little hitler become a successful artist.

This would definitely be a “gameplay first” piece of decision making because it allows IOI to just change the entire arsenal set… come up with totally new accidents, etc.

That still sounds better than Absolution. Do you think we could have him go back and stop them from making it? Like when Animal Man tries to kill his own writer.

You speak like this should be an idea to be encouraged.

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In Japan this is how game design is done - with short shrift paid to realism.

It is how you have this:

Disregard realism? MGS as the most detailed explanations and deconstructions of nuclear armament and proliferation policy in any game ever.

The only really stupid stuff in the game has been explained away with “Nanomachines, son!!!”

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Instead of 47 time traveling which is silly imo; why not a 5 mission DLC pack for a future game (Hitman 3 or whatever comes after that) featuring at least one mission set sometime during the 20th century where each mission has you taking the role of one of 47’s Five Fathers: Ort-Meyer, Lee Hong, Pablo Ochoa, Frantz Fuchs, & Arkadij Jegorov.

There probably wouldn’t be any WW2 stuff though since they were born in the early 30s or later though I suppose one could have served as a young teenager faking their age; got a taste for killing then? Either way, you could still do stuff with the French Foreign Legion, with Triad gang wars in Hong Kong, Vietnam, etc. Lots of different options.

You know when I created those levels of Hitman set in the past I was joking right? Cause it feels like someone saw this and decided to think it was a good idea to pair it with the HITMAN universe.

Let’s just break the forth wall and destroy the meta. How about a mission where 47 Tampers with the HMF servers.


I would like a game where 47 sabotages his world’s production of a Hitman like series than another “47 has another sibling and there is an evil shadow group” plot.

Or a HITMAN game where 47 destroys all past HITMAN games include Codename 47. Low Poly 47 duke it out with High Poly 47 and @MrOchoa finally gets some form of Codename 47 remake/remaster/recognition by IOI.

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