Hitman Interactive Contract

I’ve created an interactive Hitman Contract complete with an Intro Briefing movie and 2 possible endings.After the intro pause the game and complete the contract, after you’ve completed the contract choose 1 of the 2 endings that identifies with your ranking (or whether you returned the sword).

PC ID# 1-08-4941782-12
PS4 ID# 2-08-5983889-90
XBOX ID# 3-08-6391943-64

Let me know what you guys think!


I just realized embedding the video in here doesn’t show or let you select the endings. You’ll need to watch it on youtube so the end screens will show and let you pick your endings. (If you’re on mobile it won’t work, it displays correctly via browser)

Tried it but shamelessly failed to be unseen, I did not try too hard though.

I like the idea, appreciate the work you put into it! Also a briefing with such a voice feels more like assassin business than having Diana. Not bad dude! :slight_smile:

A nice concept, but that contract is way too tedious for my liking. However, you’re definitely in the right place. Players like @immadummee47 will drop everything to play a contract like this. It defines everything Hitman should be for them.

I’ll play after I’m off work, love the concept and I really enjoy no-restarts contracts.

I’m pretty sure, you have to choose the ending based on the rating you wind up with.

Yeah it’s intended as a no restart but cant really do tha, so you can restart it. The video at the end shows your choices for endings. I just did a simple 1-3 rating ending and a 4-5 rating ending. I understand people could complete this without returning the katana so that’s why I renamed the endings “1-3 Rating (Did not return sword)” and “4-5 Rating (Did return sword)”. I’ll end up doing more of these, just more open ended so you can do it however you like. I just did it this way to fit with the story.

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If restarts are allowed then I’m happy to play the shit out of this and upload a final run when I’m done, I’ll try my best to return the sword.

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Well I got zero stars, but I returned the sword. 47 must have been drunk this mission lol.

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Yeah I asked him if he would recreate the contract on ps4 and another user do it for xbox, since I only own it on PC. Glad you liked it.

I’ve got 5:22 for the kill and escape. Working on dropping the weapon back.

EDIT: Here we go @Tacofist. I feel this contract is made considerably harder by the insta-fail on spotting. I feel that without the insta-fail you can linger on the edge of being spotted whereas with the complication in place you have very little wiggle room. Still enjoyed the contract and great idea!