HITMAN™ 'Legacy' Cinematic vs Classic Gameplay comparison

I probably would have just shown clips of 47 performing his other feats: climbing up a pipe, jumping across a balcony, knocking out a bystander, putting on a disguise. The trailer shows him shooting a sniper rifle, but doesn’t show the target, so that could be done, too; him aiming his pistol, stretching out the fiber wire, unsheathing a knife, pouring out some poison, but not who specifically those things are about to be used on. Maybe show him walking away from a scene and we see a body lying on the ground, but we know not who; or he’s leaving and we see emergency vehicles pull up in the background, indicating that they’ve come to examine and collect a corpse. Things like that. Nothing that indicates who specifically is getting killed or how, but things that clearly show he’s getting business done.

Or, they could even do what they did in the original teaser for the 2016 game and show targets getting killed that don’t even appear in any of the games. There are fourteen years of 47’s career that are unaccounted for; seven after Blood Money, and seven after Absolution. They could just show people we don’t ever kill in the games dying in ways similar to methods we’ve used in the past as a nod to those games.

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