Hitman Legacy Colorado Sniper Assassin


Firstly let me say how happy I am with the Hitman games. The reason for this letter is that I have been playing the level Colorado on Professional for a few weeks now. Each time I play the level I have all unseen kills, only kill the targets and never spotted yet somehow I never receive the trophy of Sniper Assassin. I am concerned that there may be a bug/flaw in the level and would like to ask has anyone else had a problem with this particular level. This is the last trophy I need to get in order to get the special suit.

I must of played the level 100 times now, completing different ways, different tactics and all the time making sure that my kills remain unnoticed.

Please advise as I have already promised myself that I will not purchase hitman 2 (game) until I fully completed this part.


Sniper Assassin has some weird issues on Colorado.

I’d advise completing it by getting the targets into secluded areas and taking them out without anyone noticing the kill. Not elegant, not very fun and missing the point, but it will unlock the challenge.

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I have tried that, one in the barn, one in the shed, one in the other barn and one in the basement. Still no challenge.


Did sniper assassin on master last nite. Knocked out 3 guys on roof and hid bodies. After each kill from the water tower I had to run down the ladder and hide in the box until they were done searching


What platform are you playing on? Are you playing the Legacy levels through Hitman 2, or Hitman 2016?


PS4 I am playing Legacy Colorado. I’ve tried hiding in crates, staying perfectly still (non seen) until searching disappears. Biding my time before next kill and still no trophy.


And playing through hitman 2,


Are you sure you’re playing on the right difficulty? Professional (normal difficulty) and Master (hardest) have two separate progression tracks for the ‘classics’ challenges. Is it possible that you’ve already completed the one for professional and still have master left?


Never played any of the levels on master. Only Professional. This is the last of the classics challenges I have to complete then I get the Classic All-Black-Suit.


Not sure what else to say. I did what Cstyle2814 did and it worked for me on PS4.

Not sure if there are other issues outside of the sniping that are causing issues. Are you getting spotted or caught trespassing anywhere? Destroying video evidence?

I did it over a few times and wasn’t getting it but I think getting caught trespassing/spotted was jacking it up. Start over, snipe and run to the box each time and go the rest super clean. It also seemed to help me sniping from the roof vs the water tower.