Hitman legacy games in widescreen


How do you play your Hitman 1-3? Do you play in 4:3 with black bars on the sides or you use 16:9 hacks? I used hacks for H2 and HC and it worked well, but I got worse performance for some reason.


For H2 I just modify the ini. file with my screen resolution. Instead for Codename 47 I use some dll. files found on a steam forum that adjust it. Same goes for Contracts.

Search online on the Steam forums. It worked for me.


I use the PC widescreen hacks for all 4 games from ps2wide, proper aspect ratio, FOV, and characters that don’t look “stretched out”
Didn’t have any performance issues or problems in H2,3,4, only in codename47 I had to lower the draw distance in the widescreen fix .ini file to the default value, I only did it in the jungle levels where the framerate would dip.
I use the GOG versions for the first 3 games and steam for Blood Money, i don’t think it matters for the widescreenhacks which version you have, but i prefer the GOG versions since they have better compatibility with modern systems, are DRM free, and SA is not censored like the steam version.


WHat do you mean SA in censored? In what way?


The levels set in India in the steam version are censored, the GOG version is not.

"The game’s release sparked controversy due to a level featuring the killing of Sikhs within a depiction of their most holy site, the Harmandir Sahib, where hundreds of Sikhs were massacred in 1984. An altered version of Silent Assassin was eventually released on all the platforms with the related material removed from the game, however, the DRM-free version available on GOG is completely uncensored and patched to 1.01.
Censored versions (patched beyond v1.01. including Steam release) retain all three Sikh levels; however references to Gurdwara location have been removed, as well as dialogue referring to Sikhs as “towelheads” has been removed. Temple City level female patrols and alcohol bottles have been removed and posters around the level now show the face of the cult leader instead of Shiva."


The Pictures don’t load in the above thread, but I found a video showing and talking about all the changes, if you are interested.


Good thing I still have my GOG copy somewhere saved.