HITMAN - 'Legacy' Opening Cinematic


Video Description

[spoiler]The HITMAN Opening Cinematic bridges the 20-year gap between the end of the HITMAN Prologue and the Sanguine Fashion Show in Paris. In that time, the events of the previous Hitman games take place and the Opening Cinematic shows the highlights of Agent 47’s career to date.

Visit www.HITMAN.com for more information. The season begins on March 11th[/spoiler]


First. Yey.

20 chars


So one hour left right?


Yes. 1hr 15min and 20 characters.


Thank you. Now I can stop for 1hr and 11min to F5 on your Youtube page :smiley:


Ooh, interesting. Showing the most famous kills from the games?


Perfect timing- I’ll get to watch it right before I have to leave for work. Can’t wait!!


Time to sneak to the restrooms at work with my headphones… It’s 2012 all over again!


A man in a pool? Could it be Traditions of the Trade?


I’m sure it is


Crap. Only 10 minutes left, and I still have another hour of class left.


7 minutes left. So close


Seems like this will be what precedes the “20 years earlier”. :slight_smile:


Contracts fanboy reporting in with an objectively better image


Was looking for that one. Or better a gif. But no luck


Took it myself :3

20 characters


The Calm Before the Storm


Incoming nostalgia overload.




Any second now… Any second
EDIT: SH*T too late :smiley: