Hitman Legacy Pack GotY is not for free (Xbox one)


i am owning the Hitman Definitive Edition (Disc Version) and i try to get the legacy Pack for Hitman 2 for free as advertised inside the game. But it always redirect me to the shop where i have to pay 69,99€ for the GotY Legacy Pack. I am using an Xbox one. I redeemed the code in the box. The bonus mission (and summer bonus) is installed. I have Xbox Game Pass and i had previously that version installed, but completely deleted it and install everything from the disc.

But no luck, it still tries to charge my 70€ for it.

Is there anything i can do to get it for free like promised?


Use link to the store from H1 app,

App? You mean the game? Thats what i am doing. I am starting the Hitman Definitive Edition on the Xbox one and click on the Legacy Pack Free Banner. That it forwards me to the store where i would have to pay 69,99€. I am not going to the store first.

Have you played through some missions in Hitman 2016? If not then play and complete 1-2 missions in H2016 and then there should be an option in H2016 store tab to select Redeem Legacy Pack.

Edit: And make sure everything is installed, all dlcs.
Also make sure both Hitman games are on the same account and that one of them isn’t on an external drive.

Possibly you have to install the main game.

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Everything is installed (Bonus Missions and Main Game as well as all the other DLC which came with the Definitive Code.

I played all Missions. I even installed the Hitman 2 Starter Pack in Addition to Hitman 2 from the Disc since its stated to do so in the FAQ. But still its only showing 69,99€. I will make a short video, just in case i am doing anything wrong.

Video about what happens

And yes both games are in the same account. I do not know about the external drive though. I have one installed, so i have to check if it is installed on the external disk or not.

Then i have no clue. I am on ps4 and it worked for me without any problems, and i assume its same for xbox.

Unfortunately, IOI and MS have made things extremely confusing for Legacy stuff and Hitman 2. My advice is to look through this thread and see if you can get some help out of there. My sympathies man. It’s a mess.

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Weird, it seems like you have everything needed. To quote the official howto in case you spot something helpful:

On Xbox One Disc (both Complete First Season and Definitive Edition):

  • Ensure that you have all of the content from the disc installed onto your console and downloaded the latest game update for H1, released on November 8th 2018.
  • Ensure that you have redeemed and installed the Bonus Episode via the voucher code that was included in the box.
  • Ensure that you have the free “HITMAN 2 – Starter Pack” registered to your account. (You only need to ‘get’ this item, not have it downloaded or installed.)
    • For clarity on the above step, simply installing all of the H2 content from your disc doesn’t necessarily meet this requirement. Even if you can see that “HITMAN 2 – Starter Pack” is installed on your console, you still need to ALSO search the store for “HITMAN 2 – Starter Pack” and ‘get’ it.*
  • Launch H1 and follow the prompts in the H1 in-game store to redeem and download your Legacy Pack.
  • When the Legacy Pack has installed, it will be playable within HITMAN 2 only.

NOTE: In the case that you own the disc version of the game and then purchased the digital GOTY Edition or GOTY Upgrade, we recommend that you install all of the content from the disc onto your console and also ensure that you have the GOTY content installed.

Sadly you come up with this when both IOI community guys went on vacation.

Thanks for the thread but i mostly states the FAQ which i worked through and have done everything as they asked :slight_smile: It seems that there was an error with the Legacy Pack not beeing available but my problem is more that it is available but they want to charge me again :slight_smile:

I am currently trying the advice to install it on the internal drive and hope that helps.

Just bad luck it seems. Yes this FAQ i know and even installed the starter pack for hitman 2 but the problem is still the same.

Do you know how long the are on vacation? Is there any kind of official support for the game where i could ask?

I guess max two weeks because then the monthly livestream happens and I can’t imagine they don’t attend it.

There is no official support channel sadly. They rely quite much that we can solve problems in this forum with them posting from time to time if we can’t help anymore.

Okay, two weeks does not sound too bad. I will try installing it on the internal hard drive and if that is not working i guess i will come back in two weeks. If that would be the case, is there a way to inform them about the problem so they see it when they come back?

If you report back your idea doesn’t work we tag them here.

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So installed both games on the internal hard drive. But same problem as before, still 69,99€. I personally think, that it has something to do with the previously installed Game Pass Version but i do not know how to solve it.

So a tag would be helpful @Urben

I had the same problem several months back on Xbox One, finally got it to work.

When you get to that store page where it wants to charge you for the upgrade pack, do a search for Hitman in the store and you may see a different Legacy Pack card with the price crossed out marked FREE.

That’s how I did it, it was supposed to have been fixed with a patch but it might be worth a try.

Thank you for the idea. I tried it and found a legacy pack without a price but it was “not available”. The other ones come with a price tag. Over at Microsoft that seems to be a problem they know of but can’t solve due to licensing issues (it seems that the free version of the legacy pack has been pulled from the store or something). The sent me back here or suggested asking the Twitter account.

So I will have to wait until the support is back from vacation.

I am open for any other ideas though.

Tagging @Travis_IOI and @Clemens_IOI:
OP cannot redeem Legacy Pack for XB1.

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Can you highlight the DE icon on the main screen and then hit the hamburger button on your controller and look for ‘manage game’, then look at what it shows as installed.

(When you look at the in-game store, the tick mark shows what you are entitled to, NOT what is actually installed and what the game is checking against in installation.)

Hi Travis,

thank you for your help, Warner Games Support fixed it already. I had everything installed ( in your FAQ you state that owners of the disc should install everything via the manage option). It did not work. i uninstalled it, reinstalled it moved it from external to internal drive and back. Still nothing.
In the end i got a key from them.