Hitman Legacy Pack GotY is not for free (Xbox one)


I may need your help again. I have those Downloads installed but i can not use them in my Game.

Here a video. https://photos.app.goo.gl/LGV1M4gdAQmeTA7w7 It seems that i have 2 different installations but i can not combine them (Still using a disc version of Hitman 2). WB Support said that it should be working on my home console but it is not working on both consoles in my home (the home one and the second one).

If have both the season pass for hitman 2 and the legacy pack code. In addition the order history of my account attached there you can see the legacy pack, the season pass and the definitive edition all together.

As an addition, Xbox Support says, that the region of the code may be wrong (it is shown as $0 in my Account) but the “Erweiterungspass” was from Gold Edtion from Europe and is shown in $ as well. And those DLC are working (i could play New York f.e.).

Maybe @Clemens_IOI can help?

Hi, if anyone is still struggling to get the legacy pack free on Xbox One, try going to the Store and installing the ‘Hitman 2 - Starter Pack’ if you haven’t already. Made the pack free for me.

Can some one help me What’s the difference between the free version of Hitman 2 on Xbox One X and the Paid Version of Hitman 2 £54.99 is it extra missions and addons

One is the prologue mission the other is the full experience.

So one I download for free is just a basically a demo in so of speaking

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Which way did you contact Xbox support? I’m only getting bots and unhelpful FAQ pages :frowning: