Hitman legacy pack on Hitman 2 free starter pack

So basically i downloaded Hitman on ps4 when it was offered as a free trial for a week. from that game, i downloaded all the legacy episodes as it were all free. Then after the trial period ended and the game got locked i deleted it. then today i downloaded hitman 2 free starter pack and all the legacy episodes from “purchased” section of my library but it doesn’t add up to the H2 starter pack. any solution?

I’ve heard that if you can download the Legacy hitman maps then they will show up on Hitman 2

I believe you can find them in your games library.

Alternatively, when you are on the PS home screen, go down to the section below Hitman 2, there should be an option to download all available DLC.

If that doesn’t work, it is likely you do not have access to them as once the free trial ended, so did your eligibility to claim the legacy maps for free.

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yeah found it! now im able to play hitman 1 from the H2 starter pack!

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