Hitman Legacy Pack - XBox One - still not working Dec 30 2018


Hello everyone,

I would like to begin by saying I think Hitman (2016) is a great game and a lot of fun. Largely because of this (and because of a sale) I recently purchased Hitman 2 digitally on XBOX One (not through Game Pass). I created an account here today to express my disappointment in the much maligned Legacy Pack woes.

I purchased the white steelbook physical copy of Hitman 2016 (complete season) last year. I do not own the GOTY upgrade or the Patient Zero mission, but do own the bonus missions in Sapienza and Marrakesh. As I stated above - I recently purchased Hitman 2 digitally from the XBOX store.

Now upon attempting to use/redeem the legacy pack - I of course get the unavailable message. After spending a few hours looking through the forums and the FAQ. I have completely uninstalled - both Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2. I only installed what is on the disc for Hitman 2016 (I did NOT install the individual episodes Paris, Sapienza, etc at this time). Then I installed the Hitman 2 Prologue ONLY. After seeing the legacy pack not listed - I installed all episodes from Hitman 2016 (including Bonus episode). I have left ONLY the Hitman 2 prologue installed. After many hours of waiting for installs/trying different things - the legacy pack still is unavailable to me.

I have thrown up my hands on this now. I think this is a great feature and would really like to be able to access it, but at this point it seems the only way to do so is spend an additional $20 for the GOTY legacy pack - which I am unwilling to do for something that has been advertised as - and should be free to me. I hope at some point this issue can be ironed out for everyone - but just wanted to express my great disappointment and bring attention to the fact that this is most definitely still an issue for some of us.

In case someone is able to help - per the FAQ:
I have the Physical white steelbook edition of Hitman 2016 Complete First Season plus the bonus episodes in Sapienza and Marrakesh INSTALLED. The version is
I have purchased Hitman 2 Digitally and currently only have the Hitman 2 Prologue INSTALLED.
I have launched Hitman 2016 from the DISC and followed the steps to redeem the Legacy Pack in the in game menus of Hitman 2016.
Upon being redirected to the Microsoft Store - I get the message that the Legacy Pack is unavailable. The individual Legacy episodes say not for individual sale and require a code.

If anyone should read this and can offer assistance, my thanks in advance.


I have the same problem as of this writing. I followed the instructions on IOI faqs, you tube and other forums. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the games I own both games digitally and did not get it on game pass but it still reads unavailable for me when I try to redeem it.
I am very disappointed because part of the reason I bought hitman 2 is the remastered hitman 1 levels promised here.


did you try to redeem the legacy pack from the 2016 game, as that is where you need to do so, you only need to have Paris installed to do so, it will be redeemable on the home page, if I remember right, you might also be able to do it on the store in the 2016 version, but its not redeemable from the 2nd game, also make sure 2016 has the latest update.


I have the same issue, I also have the Hitman (2016) steel book edition Xbox one, with all episodes installed including the bonus episode, but not the goty expansion (patient zero).
I have tried multiple uninstalls and reinstalls, however still says the legacy pack is unavailable when I access it through the correct path detailed in the FAQ.
Note: I have installed Hitman 2 fully from disc, including the prologue, also when installing the free holiday borders pack installed as well and therefore legacy Paris also downloaded. Not sure if this is throwing off the legacy pack?
Any help would be appreciated


To add to this thread with more of the same, I too have these issues. I own both copies physically on disc and cannot download the Legacy Pack.
I tried unistalling and reinstalling, going through the links to the store through Hitman 1, then 2, then directly but nothing works. I tried emailing and tweeting IO, nothing, and even contacted Microsoft - where an agent on their service live chat said this was nothing I was doing wrong. The Legacy Pack is unavailable and he said according to the system all he could say were efforts were being made to reinstate it…


I did all of what you said. Twice. There was a message even on H1 main menu telling me that I have the legacy pack freento download but when I confirm on xbox it saya not available.

Here’s the funny thing- I tried playing the Paris mission on H1 once for 5 minutes this morning, took a break for lunch and the paris legacy started to download when I got back online. . I tried to re-download the others but still not available but the paris mission is unlocked on H1. I’m gonna try to do the same to the other levels (play for 5 minutes) and see if it happens to the rest.


Did you check your ready to install list to see if they’re there?

if you did then you may need to go to store and search each episode individually as remastered and download it that way.


Joined forum to state the same. I have the same version as OP, Complete First Season white steelbook for X1, and I have the physical version of Hitman 2 Gold Edition. Legacy Pack shows as unavailable when checking from Hitman 1 and manual search in Microsoft Store. I have the same feelings about the GOTY edition - I don’t really want to spend $20 on Patient Zero and three costumes just to get the levels they say should be available to me.

I’ve emailed and tweeted at IOI but obviously it’s the holiday break so I don’t expect to hear back for a little while. I’ll post here if they get back to me with a working solution.


I was having the issue prior to downloading the holiday mission so I don’t think that would affect anything.


I did this as well. but nothing


BTW, I tried to do this to the other locations but it did not work. I only have Paris Legacy working. the rest.can’t be downloaded.


I am having the same problems here on my PS4 as well. I own both Hitman and Hitman 2 on disc but when I go to Hitman, the Legacy Pack is not in the in-game store despite being stated on the main page that it is free for me to download. Legacy Pack is also not available in the PS Store. I guess I am not the only one.


wonder if its a bug due to them giving first episode free right now, I have no other idea how to help other then try to contact customer support or something if there is one…


Have recently found a work around for the issue posted elsewhere.
I signed in with a different account on my Xbox which I has never played hitman 1 or 2 before, went to the store for hitman 2 prologue and clicked “get”. After this I went into hitman 1 with the same account and was able to download the legacy pack as per the FAQ instructions.
Currently the maps are downloading so all looks good at the moment, but will let you know if any further issues occur.


Hey all, haven’t posted here in more than a year but I’m having the same problem on X1 as well. I have the digital full season of Hitman 1, got H2 on disc for Xmas and I keep getting that “Legacy pack not available” message when I try to upgrade the missions from the first game.

As others have mentioned, IOI is probably aware and working on a fix, so I’ll just be patient and let them work it out. I still haven’t completed Miami yet, so I have plenty to keep me busy.


hold down the power button on your xbox console for about 10-15 sec to shut it down (deletes the cache) and then simply reinstall the legacy pack while hitman 2 is not running.


Thanks will give it a go. Do I download from the store directly? or run H1?


I tried both H1 running and direct to store and each time i cleared the cache.


have you tried contracting xbox customer support maybe they can help you figure out what to do, could be on xboxs end.


manage the hitman 2 gamefiles and the legacy pack should be ready to install over there. if not make sure you really own season 1 (if you just downloaded a free episode and bought the goty upgrade for season 1 without owning season 1 it’s not gonna work)