Hitman Legacy Pack - XBox One - still not working Dec 30 2018


i have the same problem. Hitman 1 with collector edition e hitman 2 physic and i can’t dowload the legacy package. help please


Still can’t download Legacy Pack either on 1/13/19.

Purchased Hit Man Season one complete disc version xbox one around mid to late 2018 installed and played a few levels.

Digitally purchased Hitman 2 Gold on Xbox One prior to launch. Following the old and new Legacy FAQ always shows Legacy pack as “unavailable.” Tried various work around as community suggested and still no luck. Really frustrating and still see no resolutions by IOI.


I tried this and it worked! Finally! See below screen cap.
This is not my solution, I just found this and tried it. I am downloading the pack already.


I hope this works for you to. It did to me.after so many failed solutions.


This or a hardreboot with the network off should work


Can we get an update or a solution on this? Pretty absurd how this hasn’t been fixed? and I shouldn’t have to go through the process of creating a new account, downloading the game again and then switching profiles just to get it to work.



Anything from you guys, please?


It has not been fixed and you are right, it is absurd that you have to make a new profile. If you notice on the thread above, I’ve been trying to find a solution to this since I0I could not be bothered to fix this.

I’ve tried:

  1. un-installing and reinstalling
  2. clearing caches and hard reboot
  3. un-installing H1 and H2 re installed H1 went to the store to redeem.
  4. installing everyrhing to a single location(external HD)
    5 Some combination of the above.

None of the solutions above worked.

Then this "absurd"solution came up in one of my search yesterday. I tried out of desperation and unbelievably ithis is the one that worked.


Make sure your Hitman (2016) disk is in the console.


Ive been told that If you search for the individual legacy missions in the Xbox store it should work


I tried that. It did not work. see above thread
I posted a photo.