Hitman Legacy Pack - XBox One - still not working Dec 30 2018


Ive got the same problem and its getting me really p*ssed off!

Ive installed everything, Hitman 1 (including bonuse missions) Hitman 2 , but cant get the legacy from the store.

Ive tried - un-installing them both and re-installing, ive installed ‘get’ the ‘free starter pack’.

I’ve tried creating a new profile which people have suggested but that didn’t work.

I’ve followed everything they tell you to do , i believe the process was updated on their website on the 28th February 2019, so hopefully its something on their end and that they’re currently working on a fix , ive been looking forward to playing it but now im just losing interest


Hope its on their end as well. Fingers crossed for a solution soon…


I sincerely hope so! Can’t believe its been a problem since November last year, with some people managing to get it and others don’t, even though I’ve tried everything


Ok, to everybody who is having problems on Xbox One I will say this now Xbox has a pathing issue with the Legacy Content. I did contact Xbox on the matter so they are aware of it. If you want to access the Legacy Content it’s a simple fix, but for people who have data caps per month for their internet provider.

If You Own Hitman 2016, but not Hitman 2.
-You Need To Make Sure You Own The Starter Pack NOT THE PROLOGUE
-If you can’t find the legacy items in your ready to install but you own it YOU GOTTA DELETE THE HITMAN 2 APPLICATION AND SEARCH THE LEGACY PACK IN THE STORE AND INSTALL IT FROM THERE

sorry for caps just need to let that be known.


I’m confused :confused: I own both hitman 1 & 2and also have the starter pack.

So you’re telling me I have to Uninstall hitman 2 and all of the levels? Then search for the legacy pack and install? Then re-install hitman 2 again


Uninstall the base Hitman 2 Application not miami or anything else. It’s a pathing issue with the Legacy Pack content so all you need to do is uninstall the base application and search up the legacy pack in the store and download it from there.


OK, I’ll have to do it later when I’m home, so correct me if I’m wrong please

  1. Uninstall hitman base game
  2. Search ‘legacy pack’ in the ‘xbox store’ from dashboard and not through loading up hitman 1 like it’s stated?
  3. If all is well and good then I can re install hitman 2.

I have to ask because I’m not great with understanding this stuff and it’s pissed me off so much already :joy:



I’ll PM you instructions to avoid confusion.


Thanks man I really appreciate it


I’d appreciate if you coukd PM me as well. My solution (the alt account requires me to sign in to the alt account and switch to mine.) Its very annoying. I habe no data cap so maybe i can try your method.


My Games and App’s
Find Hitman 2
View Hitman 2 and Everything Installed
Hover Over Base Application
Go To The Microsoft Store and Search “Hitman 2 Legacy or GOTY Legacy”
Install Hitman 2 Legacy/GOTY Pack from Store Page


Please let me know if it works for you K0JI, that’s if you try it soon, I can’t try for a few hours yet


Giving it a go tonight. Crossing my fingers


Did not work. It still says unavailable. When i select goty it just installs hitman 1 prologue. :frowning:


I’m using my other account that I didn’t realise I had, because I can only comment 3 times since I’m new, and unfortunately it didn’t work for me either and it’s driving me insane @Travis_IOI any news on a fix?


I’ve just got an email from the Hitman Newsletter, along with news on the Elusive target and new sniper assassin map, there’s a game update that arrives on the 26th March that is a ‘bug’ fix, so fingers crossed it makes the Legacy pack ‘available’


Hello everyone,

Same problem , i bought hitman-definitive edition after played hitman 2 until my fingers died…
I’d like to play both on hitman 2 but i can’t because legacy pack goty is not avalaible on microsoft store …
After 2 hours at the phone with the microsoft store support they say me that it’s a problem made by the developers of the game… I have followed every step of the faq guide but the result doesn’t change … i tried everything said on this forum but nothing…
After an email to IOI and Warner bros. i’m writing here waiting an answer…
I hope in a fast solution…


I’ve been doing the same and finally come across a solution - hope it works for others! If you search in the store for Hitman Legacy there is another option, one that doesn’t seem to be included in any of the add ons / come up in game. For me it had a ‘get’ option and it’s now installing all the legacy content.


Can you be more precise ?
I’m in the store now, and if i search hitman legacy i see only things that are not available… same things i saw before…


Yeah all I get is ‘not available’ no matter how I find hitman legacy, I can get the GOTY Legacy up fine but I ain’t paying another £15 when I should be getting it “free”