Hitman Legacy Pack - XBox One - still not working Dec 30 2018


I might be a little late to the party, but I finally got it to work on Xbox One after stewing about it for months. Here’s what I did, if it helps anyone:

I own H1 digital (all seven episodes, no GOTY). H2 on disc. Everything installed. Kept getting the “Legacy Pack not available” message on the Store page.

  1. Go to the Store and download the free H2 Starter Pack (even though you already have H2 installed).
  2. Fire up H1, go to the Legacy Pack icon and click it to get the “not available” Store page.
  3. Search for Hitman Legacy (I think you have to do it from that page) and find it in the listings, you should see it for $39.99 at 100% Off.
  4. Download, it’s now available in the H2 menu.


Thanks. I tried this step by step all the way up to step 3. But it just says unavailable. Still based on the results. One result has a cost but no option or 100% off on it. Did i miss something?
Do i neednthe full H1 game installed (with all maps)?


I tried again… i have all the maps , patience zero and all the things of goty upgrade but if i follow your solution, when i go in the store and i look for legacy pack it’s still unavailable , everything is unavailable …
I sent to warner bros and IOI support requests 2 weeks ago, IOI didn’t reply, warner bros don’t solve this problem , they suggest the same things of this page ! I called microsoft and they say that the free legacy pack is not in their store so that’s why these packs are unavailable … the only way to obtain those is by the hands of the developers that are doing like Ponzio Pilato in the bible ! They are washing their hands !!
I sent to warner bros some pictures of my console with everything installed and pictures of the store showing the problem but it seems like they don’t believe me! It’s incredible! I spent too much time on this! I feel mocked!


Yes you need H1 including all the maps + bonus missions, I will give what @Keller suggested but I’m not holding my breath, I’ve tried everything so far and it’s literally pushed me away from the game not being able to get it, I’m playing skate 3 at the moment as that’s only £3 :joy: and waiting for Mortal Kombat 11


Just tried it and as usual no luck, it’s getting beyond a joke now, I re bought Hitman 1 just so I could play it through hitman 2 but obviously not! Not happy! :rage: @Travis_IOI any updates? Anything?


I’ve attached a photo which will hopefully clear everything up. When I search for 'Hitman Legacy’s (I’m using the Xbox phone app) I got three main options, Hitman GOTY Legacy Pack, Hitman GOTY Legacy Pack Upgrade and Hitman Legacy Park. It’s the latter, the one with colour that you want. If it says it costs money to get it, you’re on the right lines at least -


Proof that I got it to work too -


This is all I get when I use the xbox app, and when I click it nothing happens, there’s literally nothing I haven’t tried.