Hitman legacy Paris Photobomb challenge

The challenge is to arrange an interview with Victor Novikov and the vlogger. I’ve done every step right to trigger the mission story, but right as the vlogger reaches the red carpet, she drops her camera and walks away. And Novikov goes back to his routine. I’m not able to complete this challenge because this particular part is glitched. Please help.

I think this is a bug that popped up with the latest update; it happened to me as well.

This is an issue for me too (Windows 10). I’ve spent a lot of time trying to work around this and so far I’ve not been able to make it work by artificially delaying her by walking into her, using different explosives (the one in the level, the duck, the ICA remote mine, etc.), using two explosives (one in camera, one on ground), or just repeated attempts (different outfits, etc.), intentionally not enabling the mission story.

She will grab the camera, walk to the red carpet off to the side, and immediately drops her camera and walk off. Novikov walks up the red carpet up to the fountain, stands there for a second and then returns to his normal schedule, he does not even get in range of the explosive inside the camera, baiting him towards it with coins will work but doesn’t trigger anything.

As far as I can tell something is broken in her “waiting for novikov with camera” loop because even when I have delayed her long enough and baited Novikov within range it still does not unlock.

For anyone looking into this, it is worth noting that whatever the error is the story mission is still completed successfully.

Hmmm… I have win10, I just downloaded the game on Steam few days ago (so I guess I have the latest version), and there is no bug. She leaves to check for wifi, he remains still, I have plenty of time to trigger the bomb.

Are you able to provide a video?

I am also stuck on this, i have tried doing it on hitman 1 and it always works. I have done it without saving, with saving, bumping to delay, loadout bomb and attic bomb, crew/security/suit/cook outfit. Nothing works sometimes she does not even place the camera on the ground she just walks away and victor also walks away the moment he gets there.

I’ll try when I’ll play it next time. Actually, let’s see if it happens to me also because someone mentioned that it happens when you first time solve this opportunity.
What happened next: when I triggered the bomb, Viktor went flying to the fontaine (everyone else was mysteriously fine although all of us were standing near the bomb: me, the guard, the reporter…), I was suspicios IDK why, people asked “Did you do it” and I ran into the main building and the stampedo of people running outside passing me by, amazing. When I entered the catwalk area, it was totally empty, few guards searching area and telling me “Sir, leave the area, it’s not safe”

I just played this mission in H2. I also did it with no problem. However, I didn’t achieve the Photobomb challenge, it’s still available. And I did it twice.

Photobomb challenge got fixed with a patch in January. There shouldn’t be any issue with completing the challenge.

Restart the game, use the remote explosive in your inventory and the one you can find in the attic security area.

I completed the challenge (I did it also in H2016 and it was all regular). However, when I did it in H2 - twice - I never got credits for it, never got picture in upper right corner, and still it’s available as unsolved.