Hitman LGBT+ Targets

Have there ever been any gay targets in the Hitman series? I’ve played them back-to-front over the years but nobody comes to mind.


I don’t remember the ones before Absolution well enough to say, but I don’t think so. That said, I’m not sure that sexual characteristics of most of the targets is specified as it’s not really relevant to the story.

There are several that are almost certainly not gay though. Rico has what’s her name and Andrea at least had a relationship with Hector so both of them are likely straight. Alma is clearly in a relationship with Orson (and previously Sean Rose) so she’s straight. Sophia Washington was in a relationship with Blake Nathaniel.

I can’t think of any other targets in WOA at least that had a relationship specified one way or another. I suppose if you wanted to you could assume that at least one of them might have been. Dawood Rangan would be my best guess. He seems so “in your face” flirty and misogynistic that it almost sounds more like he’s covering for something than being serious about it.


I just remembered Skip Muldoon from Blood Money was gay, or bi I think.

No need to say that sexual characteristics isn’t relative to the story. I’m am gay, but I’m not asking them to be implemented into the franchise.


From the WOA trilogy only Sierra Knox comes to my mind, where some NPC talks about her (ex) girlfriend but I don’t remember the details.


Ahhh very good, completely forgot about that haha

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someone even compiled a detailed report on it lol https://www.reddit.com/r/HiTMAN/comments/d1dt1q/i_wandered_around_miami_for_4_hours_gathering/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


And Philo Newcombe is a murderous bi/pan sexual


Wasn’t Skip Muldoon from Blood Money gay?

Edit: Sorry, haven’t seen that @MrButtons already said that :see_no_evil:


Didn’t the Curtains Down targets love each other?

There’s also this from the wiki:

Hello 47. We’ve got some business at the Paris Opera. There are two targets: The famous tenor, and Richard Delahunt, the American Ambassador to the Vatican. Our client claims they’re behind a prostitution ring trafficking in boys and girls from Eastern Europe. Tosca is still in rehearsal, so there’s plenty of activity at the opera-house and you shouldn’t be too conspicuous. Ambassador Delahunt watches most rehearsals from his box. He travels with an armed escort, but there shouldn’t be any other security to speak of. You’ll get some cover from the construction crew renovating the theater for the new season. We’ve also left you a pick-up at the cloak room. In the third act of Tosca, the tenor faces a firing squad.*That scene may provide a useful opportunity. It’s a straightforward assignment, 47, but the Agency’s been having some problems in Paris. Use extreme caution.


I’m actually embarrassed I overlooked so many. Shit!


Also in Absolution when you use Instinct you can hear some Guards mumble “This Guy is cute… Almost too cute” - but I think its random what they say.

EDIT: maybe they say “sweet” I’m not sure, they say “süß” in the german dub, can mean both.


I am pretty sure Janus mentions being at least bi-curious if you invade his space as a male nurse.


Absolution is questionable. i think when writing that dialogue IO were trying too hard to be offensive and edgy, but went full circle and it just sounded gay


@MrOchoa, @v1deost, I think it was hinted at that Lenny either swung both ways or was possibly closeted gay. His obsession with proving himself manly, his Freddie Mercury mustache, his offer to give 47 “a real good reach-around,” things like that. It could explain why Blake beat the hell out him so much as a kid, if he showed signs of possibly being gay and Blake trying to toughen him up to be more manly. Not really explicit, but I think the hints are deliberate.


I mean I would think that has more to do with his father thinking very little of him and trying to prove himself in his father’s eyes.

Moustaches don’t make people gay. Also while it doesn’t help my case at all his moustache more closely resembles John Waters’ pencil moustache.

Something he says when he is going to be killed by 47. He will also say “Oh fuck, just end it man! I don’t care anymore, just do me!” before stating that he didn’t intend it to come out that way if you threaten to kill him with a gun.

I think Blake abused his son simply because Lenny reminds him of his first wife since she left him two years after Lenny was born. Also Lenny’s limp is (said to be) a result of the abuse and permanent damage like that is usually done during physical development which means Blake was abusing him before he could reach sexual maturity.


Of course not. But, mustaches that look like that are typically associated, in a stereotypical joking way, with either porn stars or gay men, so IO using it could be a hint to his orientation by giving a nod to the stereotype… unless they were trying to suggest Lenny wanted to be a porn star.

Yeah, but the fact that that was the offer he chose to go with could suggest that it’s something he knows from past experience.

Children can exhibit what may be interpreted as certain sexual or gender preferences at earlier ages than actual sexual maturity. Sometimes they mean nothing, sometimes they’re early signs that the child doesn’t even recognize in themselves. It’s possible Blake saw something that suggested to him which way Lenny might lean and beat him over it. It’s been known to happen.

This is all conjecture, it fits the Ambiguously Gay/Ambiguously Bi trope, because it’s nothing but little hints of maybe/maybe not. If true, it would make Lenny a non-hetero target.

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Yeah but using stereotypes as proof isn’t a really valid argument. Moustaches are also stereotypical of Mediterranean peoples. Does that make Lenny Greek or Italian?

Or he is insanely desperate because being put down like a dog in the Badlands is a terrible way to go.

True but given the complete absence of any discussion on Lenny’s childhood in the game aside from snippets of info I still think it is a mix of Blake being a tosser, Lenny reminding Blake’s first wife and the fact that Lenny isn’t traditionally masculine to a man who values traditional masculine values.

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“is he gay or european?”


I 100% agree with you here. But let’s do a step back and recognize that Absolution was going hard in portraying stereotypes. Also Blood Money made sure to make Skip Muldoon, the only target with a clear notice of his non-hetero sexuality, an sexually also abusive man.

For me only the targets in this trilogy seem more like humans than badly written moovie characters. Which also means (for me) their sexuality is more an aspect of ther person, and less of their role.


Yes and that is to the games detriment. But Lenny having a moustache might just be him trying to be more manly by growing facial hair.

All three LGBT+ targets are portrayed horribly in Blood Money and Skip was originally going to be much worse, he was going to be an incestuous child molester.