Hitman Maps no longer supported?


It’s been a while since www.hitmanmaps.com got updated. It’s missing the third bonus mission on Sapienza and all the Professional variants of the old maps. It’s a really good website and I don’t want to see it die like that. Does anyone know the owner of the site?


There is really no reason for you to act like dick, it’s pretty damn easy just to reply without being condescending.

@MaKTaiL as Ordinary_Dude said the the site was created by the user Winterbirds, though he’s rarely online and havn’t been for two months time.


Please ignore Ordinary_Dude, he’s not representative of all of us :slight_smile:
I believe the website is still supported, however since its a side project of @Winterbirds other things i’m sure take priority. Maybe when the new maps for Patient Zero come out he will add those mission layouts too

Check out this thread for everything to do with the website


Thank you both for answering :slight_smile:


LOL if he could have just searched hmf with maps subject, he would have reached correct topic and would have posted in that topic instead of creating new one. He is not a newbee on hmf. Otherwise I would have replied just with an answer.


You should’ve done that anyway.


How about you then? You are pretty arrogant for someone who’s joined recently.


I am sorry. We haven’t met earlier. Nice to meet you Sean Leary.


He might not have joined recently, but his time on the forum is still very short, just look at his number of posts, read time and so on. Another thing that shouldn’t matter at all. Also since when did you become a forum veteran? and does that justify you acting like a dick?

As @Sean_Leary said you should done so anyway.


Avoid insulting people when they haven’t done anything wrong man,there was no need for it. You are an active member but it doesn’t justify any of it. Even if he isn’t a newbee(which he kinda is,he doesn’t spend a lot of time here)it doesn’t give you the right to be condescending to him and act up.


He’s not the one you should be apologizing to…


Don’t worry guys. I just ignore these kind of people. :wink:


I wasn’t apologizing, it’s a form of expression.