Hitman Mission Championship - Heat TDY

edit: @Silvereyes it’s midnight now. accepted?


24 hours from this

to this

A unique mode with some interesting world building that carried us over between games, and you blew it up! You maniacs!


Yeah, it’s fine man. Sorry, my bad. It was just back in the days of the first championship, we had a couple users who seem to go out of their way to wind me up by constantly bending the rules, it just really reminded me of that.


Okay, well seeing as it hasn’t been 24h but is technically a new day and that’s the ruling. Then, with all the sorrow in my heart, I’ll finish this

Perhaps not the greatest mode ever, or “use of IO’s time”, but H2 took a lot of swings and Sniper Assassin was an interesting concept.

Unfortunately, in the grander scheme, people will always want bonus missions over additional modes though (as we all currently astutely know). I agree that Sniper Assassin was pretty barebones tho, especially it didn’t deal with accident kills in a meaningful way, but the scoring system was fun and engaging and fit perfectly with the initial competition.

With that in mind, I implore you to watch the Sniper Assassin trailer and remember how cool this was at the time

Congratulations to all 8 main story missions that made it through :joy:


Sniper Assassin was a fun game mode, but sadly, at the end of the day, it just doesn’t have the longevity that alot of these story missions provide. I hope IOI returns to the concept someday.

The final heat before the Quarter Finals is up.


I mean, if it´s any consolation to you, Sniper Challenge passed the Absolution round, so the SA mode basically is represented in the QF :man_shrugging: