Hitman Moments IRL


Have you seen something Hitman-resembling, but unintentionally Hitman-related, in real life? For example, places, people, maybe something that 47 would use as a kill opportunity.

My example of that is a wooden plate that’s hanging on only one wire at our school’s lobby. What a nice accident kill opportunity that would be (in a game, not IRL, you sick bastards).

But seriously that’s pretty dangerous and I hope it will be fixed. It has been like that for a good while, they shouldn’t leave things hanging (pun also intended).


I shaved my head once!


Legit every time I see a fire extinguisher in real life my impulse is to grab it.


Same with Fire Axe cabinets! :slight_smile:

Also for me… just yesterday… I turned on my HD TV before switching on my PC and I saw this on the TV screen:

I saw the yellow triangle with the exclamation point and for just a split second I thought: “OK… So that’s a suspicious action…” :joy:


The other day I was walking down a street near my house and when I passed a nearby alleyway, I swear I heard a clanking sound.

I immediately thought of Hitman and thought for sure 47 was trying to “distract” me with a coin :scream:

Needless to say, I didn’t go to “investigate” the noise, but rather I high-tailed out of there! Lol

It was probably just an animal of some sort near the dumpster, maybe a cat even, idk. Still, I wasn’t gonna stick around to find out! Hahaha. It was pretty funny though, now that I think about it. :smile:


I had to repair a piano once somewhere. Couldn’t help but grab the piano wire like 47 :smile:


Unbelievable, I can’t believe IO won’t fix their broken distractions. So much for consistency. Smh.


While I was working late in the office one day, I had nature’s call and wanted to poop.
Common toilets in our office are not that much maintained and not always clean. So I avoid it for pooping activity as I dont want to sit on those dirty things.
Our VP’s office has seperate toilet which is always clean as polished. But it had security guard blocking the door.
I sneaked in to VP’s office area via one of the connected tech center buildings. So need not to subdue the security guard.
Took a dump. Comfirmed the kill (shit). Cleaned the mess. Escaped via same route as I entered.
I felt like 47 that day.


Everytime I’m carrying something suspicious/illegal in hitman and people/guards stop me for questioning I feel like I’m carrying a bag of bread in real life.

“Man where did you get that bread at?” “Man how much did it cost you” “man do you think there is enough for me to go there and buy some?” “How many hours do you have to wait in line?” “Sir I’m hungry give me some of that bread please”. Third world problems.


You butter be bready for them questions

Sorry :joy:


I cosplay 47, but I think of him whenever I see a man in a black suit and red tie. Especially bald ones.


Not really a big one, whenever i find my self busier than usual at work, i walk like 47 does. Fists clenched and all.


When standing idly anywhere in public, waiting in a line up, etc, I’ll take the time to imagine in vivid detail the individual waiting in front of me to take a leg shot and let those “in-game” physics wonk the poor guy to the floor (snap-punch one less person in line). Been caught cracking up awkwardly too many times to count, but you clearly cannot convey your murder simulator humour correctly in a Tim Hortons line up.


Today at work i saw a mother and a child holding a rubber duck. I almost screamed “noooo” but then i remembered kmart doesn’t sell explosives…


We used to have a relief teacher that looked like a chubby version of 47 in Blood Money. He also had the suit jacket and striped tie to match. Every time he taught us me and my mate would joke about how he must’ve stuffed our normal teacher in a locker somewhere.


47 was on the bus! :open_mouth:

photo is not mine. Found it on Google.


You should have stared at him intently and made a “shhhhwwwwwwoooooooooo…” sound with your mouth! :smiley:


The name of one employee in our school is Dino Brock, always reminds me of Dino Bosco.


Whenever I read a newspaper ,ook at something in a shop or find one of those candle light thingies in a church I always imitate 47 blending in.


I always kinda want to just blow them up just by shooting them, luckily I don’t have a gun. :^) I don’t actually know what shooting them would cause.