Hitman Moments IRL


Someone should edit this and add the GUI stuff with the objective: “Locate an Exit”.

And then the music is the one for when you’re exiting the mission…


Well… I couldn’t resist so I had to do it…

Successfully Inebriated! Now go find an exit, 47!


I saw a guard once (can’t remember where) that had fully white clothes and a little white security cap…

24 pm
Head security at the Himmapan Hotel in Bangkok, Hitman 6


Rocco: “Relax! It’s OK! Just need to get some pants on!” :stuck_out_tongue:


I already mentioned in the other thread that my Hotel in China reminds me of Hitman Hotels - passcards, cameras and a ton of fire extinguishers everywhere.

Yet, a few days ago I had a chance to test out my inner 47 when I successfully infiltrated a party I did not register for. Went as smooth as a silk and I didn’t even have to use Explosive ducky.


While I guess you enjoyed it and I am happy that you did… if you weren’t invited, you shouldn’t have.

I find it troublesome that a videogame may have inspired you to commit illegal infiltration, or feel identified after you “successfully” do so.

Not the first time I heard this story about getting into a party you weren’t asked to be in, just the connection with the videogame that I find a bit disturbing.


To an extent, a video game can help you gain practice towards “the real thing”.

Once, I volunteered to climb our house and through a second floor window because everybody had forgotten to bring the door keys - my only credential to the task was that I played Assassins’s Creed (and that I’m the lightest family member). :stuck_out_tongue:

So given perhaps a simple, relatively unsecure house party or something, it is understandable that a person who plays HITMAN (or even Splinter Cell) may be able to channel practiced nuances into pulling off an actual infiltration.

The decision though to commit any action though is down to the doer.
The game/film/tv show has relatively little to do with that form of decision making assuming the doer is above the age of reason.


I’ve seen LOTS of moments IRL that scream “Agent 47 lol”.

AND THIS ARTICLE LOOKS LIKE A GADGET 47 WOULD USE. A PHONE BOMB. I imagine 47 off-screen somewhere hitting “detonate” after the target has put the phone in his pocket.

Not really a disguise, but pretending to be someone else and successful manipulating NPCs.


It was Autumn Festival for 300+ people, everyone found their place and they’d have let me in anyway after a while. Everyone was invited although I had to register for it (and I was too lazy to do it so I had to improvise).


In HITMAN map terms, this is like those areas where you’re only Trespassing up to a certain point and then it stops being Trespassing! :wink:

No harm, no foul.


A bit morbid, but apparently 47’s chosen solution to hiding bodies actually works in real life:

“Body Found”


Report - We’ve got a Necromancer Adept here, I repeat, an N.A. This is not a drill!


Was just wined and dined at an exclusive members only club and treated to an hour’s long presentation about Nation-State cyber attacks, global heuristics networks, and North Korea cyber army links to cryptocurrency mineware.

… and I did it using another person’s VIP invite. :wink:


Smoooooth as hell man,how did you manage that?


It helps that certain cyber security firms were looking to sell their products to us, but they were selective on who to let into their closed garden.

It so happened the one invited from our group couldn’t attend and I was given the invite with the names still unchanged. I didn’t feel like explaining the identity change and just promptly exploited the fact that no one from these technology firms knows what the true invitee looked like. :stuck_out_tongue:


Had lunch last Saturday at the real Wangfu Chinese Restaurant!



i hope there was not an Ambush… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bypassed the metal detectors of a hotel hosting a cyber security event by entering through the exit instead of the entrance after noting that the doorman had held the door open too long and was busy chatting with someone else.

Three guards had their heads turned the wrong way.



A couple of years ago, I went to the UN Headquarters in New York for some negotiations on sustainable development. It was in September during the General Assembly, and the Security Council was coming together as well.

As it was my first time there, I was quite confused with the lay-out of “the map”. They had installed a temporary outbuilding because the main building was undergoing renovations on several floors, so the numbering of meeting rooms was even more confusing than it already was (and I can assure you that it is).

As I was walking around like a headless chicken, but in a custom fit suit, I resolved to step into an elevator and see where it would take me. As I was deciding which number the police officer should press (the elevator has an officer who presses the buttons for you) I was joined by a delegation from Malaysia who were on their way up. I figured they were going to the same meeting I was. So up we go to the second floor.

Once we get there, for some reason the security guards who are there, next to the metal detectors, let us all pass through a secondary entrance that avoids the detectors, without checking our badges. It appears I had unknowingly joined the delegation of Malaysia’s Prime Minister, who was on his way to the highly secured and exclusive Security Council, where Obama was giving a little speech.

I got a bit nervous because I had no way how to get out unnoticed. I was still very impressed by the UN environment and the cops all around me everywhere were looking pretty menacing, because even though I didn’t know my way, I knew very well I was not supposed to be there. I hid my low-clearance badge under my vest and tried “blending in”, as I pulled out my laptop, sat down in a sofa in the lounge, and typed some emails. I looked around and every exit I saw was one with automatic doors and badges, for which I assumed my badge wouldn’t fit. I sat like that for half an hour, quite panicky.

I needed the bathroom. And as I went, I noticed an emergency exit right next to it. I acted all confused and innocent (which by all counts I was), and opened that door hoping it wouldn’t sound an alarm. Thankfully, it didn’t. I made my way downstairs, through a maze of service entrances and dusty hallways, and somehow ended up in the main hall. I was so happy when I found a group of tourists getting a tour, signifying I was no longer in a highly restricted zone.

I then went back to my hotel close by and washed off all the sweat of pure ANGST and then returned to the UN, this time finding the room I needed by simpling choosing another starting location.


Hole jebers! What a story :smile: I guess you now know how hard it is to stay calm like 47 when he is on his missions.