Hitman Moments IRL


I sure could have used a Diana in my ear back then to ease the nerves a bit.


Diana: “Most impressive, 47!”


Thanks Diana :smiley: I should also add that I don’t look Malaysian at all. I felt a bit like 47 in a Red Dragon suit.


It’s all good until you have non lethal items like hammers, wrenches, crowbars, fiberwire, shovel they will let you pass.


Spotted in Brussels: Another clone has emerged and appears to live as an actor. He managed to get the lead role in a theatre adaptation of 1984. But old habits die hard and he refused to be photographed from the front for the poster.


When I created my thread I didn’t see this thread. It’s similar so thought I’d cross link.


This might be a reference to 1984 in the journal:



Where is this journal from? C47?


From an old wepsite about Silent assassssSASASAasas:



Hitman2.com is already in archives?


What do you mean? Was it active some years back?


Are you ready for the interview? We’re just waiting for the cameraman.

Please sir, why don’t you help yourself to a muffin while we wait?

I’m afraid.


This reminds me of Rangan Tower, especially the big balcony (is there another word for this) that is used as the movie site.


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Lol just passed this housing estate called Providence Estate, the company had shortened it to be just providence
They had billboards like Dine with Providence, etc.
Then they had a billboard saying Social Climbing with Providence! Wish I have a pic


I hear they have great spaghetti sauce.


I hope 47 isn’t working when I go


Seems 47 fell in love with the moose just how it fell on Claus Strandberg:


So Vicente Murillo’s schtick of appearing on TV to try and start militant action in South America is not so different from reality…


Rangan’s Tower is a direct reference to this building, it resides in Mumbai IRL