Hitman Moments IRL


The smell from your massive shit probably subdued him and allowed you to escape.


today i was in a room alone with my close friend, and he was facing away from me. i actually had a measuring tape in my pocket at the time, so i took it out and STRANGLED him with the tape, completely crushing and DESTROYING his windpipe until he suffocated and died. i dragged his body to a closet and put his corpse inside. the police still haven’t found him

EPIC Hitman IRL moment!! :sunglasses:


Damn cake, you seemed nicer than that. Nice SA rating though.


Okay, this is epic.


Once they’re in the closet they can never be found, woks in Hitman anyway. I’d hate to know what you do to people you don’t like :neutral_face:.


Very morbid and off-taste. But I couldn’t help but think about HITMAN…


Yeah, I thought of the exploding pen from the undying…




She’s lucky this wasn’t one of those Insta-Combat things…