Hitman needs a new game mode - what should it be?

I’m enjoying playing the evolution of HITMAN but it needs another layer to it.

I enjoy the Elusive Targets and the Escalations, and of course the main story missions, but we need a new game mode. We’re at the half way point for the season and we don’t want things to become formulaic and stale. At this point, the escalations don’t take very long, and the ETs consist of sniping, fire extinguishing, or luring. It is starting to feel a bit repetitive, even with the new locations (which are great).

Any ideas for some kind of a new wacky game mode? Something completely different and off the wall?

Here are some suggestions:

Just throwing it out there (after playing Hitman Sniper Death Valley), but how about some kind of zombie mode, whereby all the NPCs become lethal and if you’re spotted, they’ll head towards you and try and kill you. Or a version of the level where every NPC is armed and visibly killing anyone turns the whole level against you. See how long you survive in a shootout when the whole level is armed…

Or how about some kind of prevent the assassination game thread, in which a rival assassin spawns in one of a number of random locations (the church tower, the Sapienza ruins, the town hall), and you have to get around guards and get to them in a certain amount of time (disguises, climbing up drain pipes) to prevent a public assassination? You spawn in the middle of the villa and only have 5 mins to track and tackle the sniper…

Most of the work goes into the maps, but now that they’re made, there’s huge potential to make new mechanisms with them.


I like, I like. The possibilities are there definitely, it’s not exactly Hitman but neither is these Bonus Episodes. Many games have a tongue in cheek outside the box gamemode which are just made of what the game mechanics do.

The lead Director at Fallout 4, said that he throws mini game jams at the devs to see what wacky thing they can make up out the engine… and if it’s a cool idea, they actually put it in. Really great ideas :slight_smile:

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If things are getting stale for you I suggest taking a break or experimenting with the game. Have you tried the kill everyone challenge? I like to do that to see how many I can kill before being spotted, it’s good for waiting in between content drops for this game.

As far as new game modes go, I like the prevent the assassination idea. It could be like the Murder Of Crows mission from Blood Money where you have to kill the assassins before they kill the politician.


That’s the first thing I always do in every Hitman level ever haha.

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Victoria dlc. Kidding.

I actually think the zombie mode is not the craziest idea, a lot of games these days have supernatural dlc: RDR, AC3, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman: Sniper.r etc



but with more freedom and things to explore

Basement with full of weapon and object testfield
, Sniper challenge like rooftop


I think the best possible idea would be Sniper Challenge (either remastered or a whole new level instead).


I actually think that a Victoria DLC could work if done right, it could work as a stand alone story, filling in the gap between games. It would also give those who wanted a female hitman character to play as. Nothing too complicated, nothing too simple.

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Co-op with Victoria as a definitely non-canon thing might be appealing.

A time based deductive mode

Here’s the pitch: Drop a target into a level, similar to an Elusive, only with randomized elements about them. You are provided with an in game timer. Diana must then drip feed you target information about the target such as habits, physical items, favorite locations, occupation, etc. Using deductive reasoning you must pick and kill the right target and escape within the time given. In order to prevent “mass murderer” style shortcutting you could instill regulations such as Only the Target Must Be Killed or No More Than 5 people must be killed. And the faster you do it the higher your score.

Obviously this would be inspired by targets such
The St. Petersburg general and The Twins.


This definitely is a quantity over quality debate. While on paper it seems impressive that a game would have loads of additional game-modes, does it actually add anything to the overall experience that the devs want to give?

I agree, the problem is that there are many solutions on how to make a game not go “stale” in regards to reaching further into the game and therefore harder levels. Additional game-modes is definitely an option, but would you want a whole team working on a new game-mode, even as the contracts and escalation modes are still not that fleshed out?

I argue that the solution isn’t to layer the game in more game-modes, but more mechanics, specifically mechanics that empathize from the core idea of the game. The Hitman games at their core are puzzle games, and the mechanics and game-modes already in place reflect that. Contracts allows users to “create their own puzzles”, and the escalation mode jumbles up the mechanics of the game to create an isolated experience that is still grounded in the mechanics.
But in terms of new mechanics, if you look at what is already there and what IOI are toying with, its easy to see what direction they are going in. They are more interested in expanding on the already written rules and systems within the game.
First we had Tresspassing: If you are seen in an area you’re not supposed to be in, you will be escorted out.
Then IOI added a rule to that mechanic: If you’re in a Hostile area, you wont be escorted out, you will be shot at.
IOI have also experimented with giving NPCs armour with the Dino Bosco in “The Icon” mission being immune to headshots.

This is what will keep the game fresh and interesting, not entirely new game-modes, but layering the mechanics.
I would recommend watching this video about game mechanics and how less is more in game design:

To quote the above video:

It’s easy to add features that you think are cool, or will increase the game’s length, or give you another bullet point on your steam description. But is it just dilution the core message of your game, and hurting your ability to have your game be about something?

How about a new game mode called Finish The Current Game? Or how about Finally Update Contracts Mode? I’d play that all day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, they clearly don’t have the time or resources to introduce a new game mode right now.


About all I can come up with is hardcore mode, where NPC aural and visual detection works like it did in the older games. No “this is me noticing you” meter, NPCs hear walking footsteps, etc.

Yeah I was massively disappointed when 2016 had no Sniper Challenge. I really thought a tradition was created

Not right now no, but a new game mode of sorts could be a cool thing to tide us over between seasons and such.


I wouldn’t be put off by a new Escalation like contracts, only instead it’s specifically missions designed like Murder Of Crows. With all different settings and Challenges. Of course.

Maybe a Hitman vs target mode(both online & localised where One player plays 47(or their own created hitman) & one plays a target.

I’d have it like elusive targets where the target doesn’t show up on the radar or in instinct mode. Maybe the target can’t fight back using weapons but can use disguises(that are picked up) to throw the hitman off or maybe even trigger certain accidents;Release a winch for eg to take out the hitman for one way to win. I think the main objective should be to escape for the target though. I’m not sure whether the exits would be locked though for a time limit & that would stop a target running for the exits. It’s a work in progress 

Obviously though the hitman’s goal would be to take out the target. Maybe the hitman should have a mugshot to begin with & that’s the only recognizable trait of the target. Which if you think trying to find one specific face in any of the levels in say Hitman(2016)would be quite difficult especially if the target is changing disguises. Obviously the target would also have to deal with the same game rules as hitman so no trespassing but would also have to deal with fooling the hitman player by not acting strange or wearing the wrong disguise in the wrong area for instance.

Any thoughts on this idea like how to improve it or a better way to implement the escape win conditions for the target? Let me know 

As long as they are forcing us to play the game online, a cooperative mode might not be such a stretch.

It could definitely lead towards some pretty interesting strats to say the least.

Zombie Mode is the ultimate half baked “We’ve no clue how to fill up the disc space so lets just do it” mode. So, definitely not that.