Hitman: New (possible) Executions?

Throughout the Hitman franchise, we have seen Agent 47 eliminate his targets by hundreds of different scenarios. In this thread, let’s try to come up with NEW & creative kills that we have not yet seen performed by 47.

I know he has used a lot of methods over the past two decades and perhaps some ideas here may be similar and that’s fine… as long as it’s more so something new.

Some examples of what we’ve seen so far…

  • Crushed by falling object.
  • Electrocution.
  • Smothering.
  • Drowning.
  • Framing murder on another person.
  • Car bombings.
  • Poison.
  • Pushing over high ledges.

Examples of NEW kills…

  • Having a Molotov as a new weapon (2 max carry) and being able to throw one at a targets face. But when using the Molotovs (on Targets) a very brief cutscene would take over to make the kill more “brutal” looking… screams, rolling around on ground etc… maybe actually LOOKING burnt like they did in BM. Not what we got now when igniting a Target with an oil rig or whatever. All intact, clothes and all…Ridiculous :joy:

  • Toaster thrown one bath/shower (Taunting us all since BM lol) It’s still an “electrocution” but this is what I meant earlier by ‘similar’ but being new

  • Something with a chainsaw. But I doubt this one very much, as severed limbs has never really been a thing in Hitman (besides The Meat Kings Party) but that wasn’t by 47, nor was that situation ever shown. But still, a chainsaw would be pretty cool. Even if it don’t look realistic (Think GTA Vice City lol)

  • A special cutscene with a certain type of knife. When used on a target in a face-to-face position, 47 would force the targets tongue out and slice it off. Causing the target to fall on their hands and knees puking out blood till death.

  • I mentioned a parachute kill about 6 or 7 months ago and they added it!!! (Fall to death) thank you for listening IO :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve always thought 47 could suffocate someone with a plastic bag from behind. When you’re attacked like that, you’d instinctively try reach around to the back of your head to get it off you rather than just ripping it open to break free.


A bag would be pretty neat… I’d also like something where 47 could put a rag in a Targets mouth and then pour water (perhaps with a hose) on the rag for a bit. It’s still technically drowning (like in the toilet) just a different method we have not yet seen in the franchise yet.

We can kill someone with a pillow, but I thought it also would be cool to have an animation where 47 kills his target by simply pressing his hand above their mouth and nose from the front, not from behind. We see something like that in the legacy trailer when he kills Fritz Fuchs- something like that but without drowning.

Sounds so brutal, but I think it would look cool with an outfit with his gloves on :sweat_smile:

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In a new hitman game sure but not in the woa bc many of your examples I don’t think fit to agent 47 clean and robotic kills. A chainsaw or molotov would be unnecessarily brutal but a molotov as a item to trigger fire alarms or cause panic (utility) would be nice, however it shouldnt be an accident kill

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He does that already to Alexa though… but yeah, I do like using the pillow. I also liked it in contracts where you could use the pillow to silence any UN-silenced pistol :wink:

Some crazy ideas that have been in my head for some time

  • Nail gun to the back of the head. Can be carried as a gun, but has a special execution animation.
  • A dentist drill. Put the target in the chair dressed as a dentist and ram the drill down their throat.
  • Staged suicide. Strangle a target with a rope, then hang them over a balcony.
  • Remote poison chip. Just like the constant had in his neck. Press the remote and the target dies.
  • Jet engine of some sort. Turn the target into spaghetti. You know.

Isn’t this what a dentist does normally?

I’d love the nail gun/poison chip though.

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How? He uses a pillow too in her private room, not just his hand. Or did I missed something?

Oh no I’m sorry, I misunderstood you. I didn’t realize you meant his bare hands. I thought you meant the pillow :sweat_smile:

I don’t think there’s been anything about carbon monoxide poisoning, eg mess with a boiler to kill sleeping targets, or hose from the exhaust into the car window

I’d honestly prefer more Animations more Animations over more ways to kill. An Example would be an Animation where 47 stabs his victim into the Back with a Knife and slowly lays them to the ground instead of always cutting there Throat.