HITMAN noclip Documentary

Recently, the crowd-funded YouTube documentary series noclip (by Danny O’Dwyer) has announced that IO Interactive and the Hitman series will be the focus of their next project.

It is currently under production, and will be releasing later this month


  • Filming has been completed!
  • Editing/Design is currently underway.
  • The Doc will focus on the influence of Blood Money and Absolution, the design of the new HITMAN games, and the IO/Square Enix split.
  • The interviewees are
    Hakan Abrak (CEO);
    Forest Swartout Large (executive producer);
    Christian Elverdam (creative director);
    Mattias Engstrom (game director);
    Marta La Mendola (level designer);
    Mette Andersen (level designer);
    Sidsel Marie Herm (level designer);
    Michael Vogt (lead writer)
  • noclip made a contract (‘NoClip Grand Prix’)
    PC: 1-11-1523126-12
    PS4: 2-11-6012308-84
    XOne: 3-11-2073381-69

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July 12, 2019
Coming later this month to Noclip; a documentary series exploring the design of @Hitman, and how @IOInteractive survived going independent.

July 8, 2019
not to mention the soundtrack of this documentary. Talk about a freebie.
i also banked around seven or eight hours worth of gameplay over the weekend. so it’s pretty much all here now.

Gameplay File List

July 8, 2019
I’ve done a few motions graphics tests too. usually it takes me a few days to figure out the visual theme of one of our documentaries - but thankfully Hitman already has a strong, established aesthetic I could riff off of (aka rip off).

Production Title Card

July 8, 2019
logged six hours worth of Hitman interviews today and feeling pretty good about it. tough work to get through, but it now means I get to start building the timeline tomorrow. you’re welcome future me!

Interview File List

July 4, 2019
Filming complete! Copenhagen is wonderful & @IOInteractive were incredibly kind, honest & open.

Our doc will explore the influence of Blood Money & Absolution, the expert design of the new @Hitman games, and how the studio survived the big breakup. Coming soon to @noclipvideo .

June 26, 2019
In case you missed the stream (and our not-so-subtle clues) we are flying to Copenhagen next week to talk to @IOInteractive about the history of their studio, and the design of their games. We couldn’t be more excited.


im really looking forward to this, especially the interviews from the level designers. hearing them talk about how they make the levels is one of the most interesting things.


Wow we saw a lot of these names on ioi monthly

Familiar last names too; Marta La Mendola and Mattias Engstrom.

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It looks like a very interesting documentary :slight_smile:
Looking forward to watch it :+1:



Well I chose the right time to make This thread, it seems.

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Thank you for the thread! I’m really looking forward to watching this!