Hitman One Year Aniversary


So it’s almost the one year anniversary of Hitman Episode 1!

Anyone care to share their thoughts about the progress of the game over the year?

your likes dislikes, observations or wishes for the future?

Personally I think the march update will have some little things to mark the milestone. looking forward to next week


There have been some hiccups, but overall… on an objective basis (graphics, features, content, variety, etc.)… HITMAN 2016/17 is proving to be the best and biggest Hitman game to date in the sense that its worst bits are about as good as the middling aspects of older games, and its best aspects exceed the entire series.

The episodic format, Contracts Mode, and Elusive Targets are a wish fulfilled for people who always wished Hitman games could “last a little bit longer”.


And after a year still no briefcase or a simple fiber wire animation where you can actually see the wire.

Besides these things the game is really wonderful. I’m really hoping to see a mission in an urban area with like somewhere in Chicago


The fact that this game still needs monthly updates to fix things, says it all. How is it possible that a AAA title after many updates still doesn’t feel polished one year since release?

I won’t be buying Season 2 when it comes out, that’s for sure. I’ll wait until it is actually polished.


Personally I’m sick of all these damn updates, but at the same time it’s commendable to see IOI staying committed in their efforts to try and make Hitman the best it can be, rather they’re successful or…less so. I was one of the many folks who was reluctant to get season 1 at first but I’m glad I did. So sigh me up for season 2. Well, maybe after three or four episodes have been released first.


I love the game but IOI have made it worse with every patch and that’s ridiculous.

fix yo shit, ioi


I’m real happy with how the game turned out overall, although there is room for some brush ups,
just praying for news on Season 2 for the anniversary :vulcan: there’s no fingers crossed emoji so Vulcan


Most AAA anything is never really in a finished state. There’s just “finding that point at which you can leave it” and move on.

The price we pay for HITMAN being an “ongoing project” is that there’s always going to be something to add, and therefore always something to fix.

I swear for example that some Pro Difficulty adjustments to “The Showstopper” have broken Novikov’s routine. I think in one playthrough I had Novikov and Sato closed the Sanguine fashion show - two times in a row. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you imagine if Agent Smith were to show up in this Chicago mission wearing a trench coat, a cap, and a cover over his mouth?


47: “You again.”

Smith: “Ssh!!! I’m trying to be stealthy. Gonna break into their camera system with my phone.”

47: “Your phone? If you’re just using your phone then why do you need to be out here? And what’s that over your mouth?.. Are you sick or something?”

Smith: “Gimme a break okay? All the hackers dress like this.”

47: “You don’t look like a hacker. You look like a homeless ninja.”

Smith: “Sssh! You’ll blow my cover… Damn this visual hacking thing is so hard…”



UbiSoft would totally deserve that bashing. Watch Dogs 2 did not live up to the hype and Watch Dogs 2 was LAME.


No mention of the Blackballer being absent? I think someone hacked badeaguard’s account.

just kidding, love ya


Nahhh, you told me I was exaggerating so I’m keeping it for my self for a while


Nah man, although I do think you’re exaggerating, you should voice it every chance.

I’ve never stopped, voicing what’s important to me, and neither has all the lancer folks.

All I want is to be able to set down a crate, blend in as a waiter, and when my target walks by, pull out a massive machine gun from the crate and gun him down.

We will never get that if nobody talks about concealement crates.

Also Plate Carrying lol


Well, your’s a request to be added. Mine instead is a thing we FUCKING HAD!


to be fair, it seems they had what i wanted in the alpha as well.
They had the black baller in the beta right?

Hopefully we’ll both get what we want soon brother.


Yes it was in the beta, you see it on their wallpapers but not in the game after a year.


You can see it in the trailers as well, watch again the Sapienza one.


Happy anniversary to HITMAN! It was officially 1 year ago today


Overall the game evolved a lot. The most improved has to be the User Experience. The menus, notifications, have changed drastically over the months. The game mechanics changed as we such as footsteps in trespassing area, etc. I really like how they changed the way the HUD and other visuals have changed over the year.


Happy 2nd anniversary of HITMAN to IOI and all of the players, including You Guys, of course. :smile: