Hitman One Year Aniversary


It’s been 2 years, time flies huh! Time for season 2 :wink:


I think now is a good time to accept that IO as an independent company simply cant carry on with Season 2 of this AAA game. Rip Hitman ;(


U wot m8?
Pretty baseless claim, since it’s been all but confirmed at this point that season 2 is what they are working on, and a year production time (as it has been so far since season 1 has been released on disk in full) is still small for a whole full game, which season 2 will be


thats a pretty baseless claim considering they have literally officially said nothing about Season 2


That’s also a baseless claim to say silence = no work.

They’ve even mentioned (many times) that Hitman will continue with some announcement in 2018, and the content in Patient Zero is just a taste of what is to come later on.
from the GOTY/Patient Zero blog post:

One last thing about our next Hitman game; I want to let you know that we’re making great progress and we have exciting new features and some franchise firsts, which we can’t wait to tell you all about. You’ll have to wait a little longer as we don’t plan to start talking about that until some point in 2018.


Read their financial report


RIP HITMAN 2000 - 2006

lel not this crap again


How long do you think it takes to make a game?


5 minutes?


Almost; 6 minutes.


Overall HITMAN has been an enjoyable experience, many challenges and replayable value and lots of extra player choice. After a week of buying it, I believe to have played only a few hours, only to realize I put 25 hours into the game. Most than I’ve ever put in one week. Thing is, after the initial hype…I lost some interest. Then I unlocked the Absolution suit and the hype for that was instantly lost once I got it.
The game is great, it’s just missing those…monents. Think back to previous games, those memorable moments. From the original having to shoot down your clones, to Silent Assassin’s personal story, Contracts being almost a remaster, Blood Money having the soundtrack and choice to upgrade your weapons, Absolution having the little details and quirks in the characters, focusing on the individuals a bit more than the overall world.
I believe HITMAN was supposed to be a culmination of that. Unfortunately, the story, although interesting, advances way too slowly, the memorable characters are there but we don’t get to experience them more, the soundtrack to me is missing memorability, and the weapons have been filed down to almost useless. Especially since the gunplay is terrible.

I love HITMAN and the puzzle parts to it, but sometimes I wish there were more. Blood Money did it perfectly, you could mow down all the enemies with one gun if you desired it, you could take him from afar, cause an accident…Absolution had a right path but messed too much the formula.
This game is good, but it’s lacking being great.


I think Hitman Season One will leave a good but messy legacy personally. I think Hitman is a great game but it does feel like it is a bit bogged down by it not just getting a regular release. The episodic structure is always going to bring problems and I think while there were successes and there were also problematic elements to it. And I think regardless of how good a game Hitman is, stuff like that can bring the game down even if it has nothing to do with gameplay itself.

I also think that having just 6 main levels is always going to have issues, even if the 6 in question are huge, but I think it means it feels like the quality of the game lives and dies on just how many levels are great or not. Compared to Hitman 1, 3 and 4 which all had roughly a dozen levels, I feel like in those games a couple of bad or mediocre levels can’t really sink it. But I feel like when you have only 6 main levels, and each level was sold seperately, the quality really matters.

I think it’s rather unfortunate as well that the first 2 maps were Paris and Sapeinza, both of which really had a wow factor to them, absolutely huge and had such fantastic design, only to then get the alright Marrakesh, the noticably smaller tedious Bangkok, the very noticably small Colorado, and then get a great finale in Hokkaido, but with it not having the wow factor.

To me though, I think Hitman 6 beats Hitman 1, 2 and 5 with little contest. Contracts still holds up but also feels like it was out done by Blood Money, so to me I think Hitman Season One is either the best or second best game. I think both games do things well, and to be honest I feel like it isn’t talked about how much Blood Money’s controls have not aged. I think that is a significant thing, whereas Hitman 6 has a very good inventory design, I think Blood Money can feel very unintuitive and clunky, combined with that awful tutorial.

A bit of a ramble sorry. Personally, I do love this game though and hope Season 2 can surpass it.


nobody said that. lets not go karma whoring.

RIP Hitman 2000 - 2011, 2016-2018 is looking more likely by the day


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