HITMAN Photoshop Contest - Coming Soon

Hello everyone. I wanted to let you all know that within the following 7 days, I will be hosting a HITMAN photoshop contest, this may be slightly different compared to other photoshop contests from my understanding.

It’s pretty simple and average.

A vanilla template will be given to contestants
Contestants will edit the image in a unique, creative, artistic and original way
Contestants will post their finished product as a reply to the main contest post
A team of hand-picked judges will evaluate the images based on multiple factors, such as creativity, inspiration, artistic quality, originality etc.
3 winners will be chosen, portrayed in first, second and third place along with a currently undefined number of honorable mentions

This advertisement will be posted on Reddit, HMF, Discord and YT. Results will be posted on HMF and YT. The official contest page will be posted within the next 7 days.

Some of this may be subject to change. More details will be provided on the official post.

Will you be participating? Let me know what you think.

EDIT: Also, you are not limited to Photoshop, other editing softwares are accepted as well.


this is gonna be awesome


Can’t wait to see the submissions!

seven days have passed …


This seems like an interesting idea and I would give it a go.

Thanks, weird how he set up a 2nd thread but whatever haha.

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